Recommendation: Alter Bridge – One Day Remains

Alter Bridge – One Day Remains
Wind-up Records, 2004

Alter Bridge became a band in 2004 when Creed seized to be, and Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips & Brian Marshall hooked up with Myles Kennedy from The Mayfield Four. Soon after, “One Day Remains” hit the shelves. One Day Remains, was certified GOLD by the RIAA, with sales worldwide reaching 750,000.

So if you’re looking for a good rock album that lingers between rock and metal, This is truly one to check out!!.

Track List:

  1. Find The Real
  2. One Day Remains
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. Burn It Down
  5. Metalingus
  6. Broken Wings
  7. In Loving Memory
  8. Down To My Last
  9. Watch Your Words
  10. Shed My Skin
  11. The End Is Here

Myles Kennedy (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar); Mark Tremonti (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals); Scott Phillips (Drums, Percussion); Brian Marshall (Bass)

* WWE Superstar Edge has used an edited version of “Metalingus” as his entrance theme in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since late 2004.

* “One Day Remains” supposedly received its name from the band members’ attitudes that you should live your life as if one day remains.

Standout tracks: Once again, it’s hard to pick out only three songs – as there are so many great ones, but nevertheless here it comes – One Day Remains, Metalingus & In Loving Memory

One Day Remains


In Loving Memory

“One Day Remains is way better a debut than anyone had right to expect. The rhythms are tight, the guitaring immaculate, the vocals accomplished, there’s everything from commercially-minded radio rock to balls-y heavy metal, and most of the choruses hit the sweet spot.”

“What Alter Bridge has done, though, is soaked up the sounds of those mid-90’s bands and perfected it with 2004 technology. One Day Remains is heavy rock music. Radio friendly heavy rock music.” –

“Aimed unequivocally at the US rock audience, “One Day Remains” will be a massive, and deserved, commercial hit, and unless you have no tolerance for that end of the rock spectrum, I urge you to seek it out, as it is just absurdly good.”


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