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ReverbNation under 100 fans band feature: Modern Echo

Those, if any, of you who have been reading EspyRock since the early days will know that I used to run a series of features every week and one of those was dedicated to featuring unknown bands. After time it became a challenge to keep running the feature every week due to time restraints. With starting to recommend me nothing but rubbish and MySpace continuing to decline, it was difficult to find many bands as they were no longer utilising these services to their full potential. Back then I was discovering a lot of talented bands who I felt were worth a shout out and as we all know I can’t write a review to save myself so this was my way of doing something for these bands.

Last night I was looking for a band on my iTunes, an unknown band that I came to enjoy from the US and while I couldn’t remember their name, something made me think that they were from Wisconsin. I still can’t find them or for even the slightest second remember what their name was. I decided to search on ReverbNation due to the fact you can specify specific locations worldwide and search their charts but part of the struggle to find a band on ReverbNation is that you cannot just search for a state; you must also specify a city so I tried my arm with Milwaukee but no luck. As my search came up cold I decided I would find a band from Milwaukee to feature.

Previously I would look on for a band who had less than 100 listeners (this number would vary if it was becoming hard to find a band with any real talent but still keeping it relatively low) to feature. It didn’t take long to find that band as on page two of the Milwaukee charts, ranked 29th with 94 fans were modern hard/alternative rock band Modern Echo. Oh and how about this, they have just released their debut album ‘Spirit In The Machine’.

Modern Echo

Modern Echo are a four piece hard rock band featuring Jon Schweiger (vocals), Mike Salamonski (guitar), Joe Alba (bass/backing vocals) and Ted Butch (drums).

Having spent the better part of two years writing and recording their debut album the band couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “This was a unique project in that each of us in the band spent a lot of time with each song, and the songs went through a lot of changes before we deemed them ready to be released,” said guitarist Mike Salamonski. “It was also a huge project – a lot of bands don’t have the material or means to release a full length record initially, and although it took some time, we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The band originally wrote twenty songs for their debut album but took twelve into the studio. Recording and mixing was handled by former Acceptance drummer and Hangnail guitarist Nick Radovanovic at Skies Fall Studios.

“The most exciting thing is getting to take these tracks out live. We’ve always prided ourselves as being a strong live band and it’s gonna be great to get these tracks out to a live audience” Mike continued.

The two years spent working on their material has truly paid off. Instead of releasing an EP or quickly releasing an album to test the waters and see how people reacted to their music, the band decided that they wouldn’t release something that is only half baked and not as good as it could possibly be. Modern Echo have put together an album that actually, and somewhat surprisingly for a debut, stands amongst some of the bands currently throughout the US. There are still improvements to be made but to start off on this level can only lead to better things for the band.

You can listen to their album in full on their Facebook and you can purchase your copy while you are there.

When I wrote this the band were sitting at 94 fans and have since jumped up to 104 but that is no reason to not continue to feature an up and coming talented band. Build upon their fan base at ReverbNation and also like the band on Facebook.


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