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Today we are introducing Signal Hill. Some of you might know them already and perhaps you downloaded their excellent album “More After We’re Gone” for free earlier this week here on EspyRock. If you didn’t, then you missed out! But we here at EspyRock have got the entire album streaming in our player below  and we’ve teamed up with the good guys in Signal Hill and are giving away two tracks from the album as well, (Yep FREE Music) so there’s no need to despair.

So…who are Signal Hill?

Signal Hill is a Los Angeles based instrumental rock band, probably one of the most promising groups in Post-Rock right now, who consists of Tim Cooper (drums), Dave Masters (guitar), Brian Vasallo (bass/keys), and Rishi Arora (guitar). Originally constructed as a writing project for Brian and Rishi in the first months of 2003 but as it often is, members came and went making it difficult for the project to ever gain ground. At the same time Elegant Elephant, a solo project of Dave was undergoing similar difficulties. A fortunate meeting between Dave and old friend Tim Cooper at an M83/Six Part Seven show one night in 2004 was to be turning point, as both groups found grace in each other’s music and Signal Hill had become whole. This is the 5th year Signal Hill are playing, recording and touring together.

siggyblueThe musical landscape of Signal Hill is influenced by bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Tristeza & The Mercury Program to name a few. They have played scores of shows with such bands as All India Radio, The Drift, You May Die In The Desert, This Will Destroy You and Balmorhea, and people have witnessed their fantastic live performances as they have toured up and down the west coast of the united states as well as shows internationally in Melbourne and Sydney Australia in support of their latest release “More After We’re Gone”.

Signal Hill have three releases to their name, starting with a limited Demo in 2005, a Self-Titled EP in 2006 and the aforementioned full length “More After We’re Gone” in June of 2009. They are going back in the studio in December to record a new EP which they hope to release early 2011! Their music has also been placed on multiple compilations, radio station performances, podcasts and films.

Oh… I almost forgot,

I believe I mentioned FREE music earlier? Do yourself a favour and check out Signal Hill’s latest album “More After We’re Gone” in our player and at the same time grab yourself these two fabulous tracks for free – The Dead Vineyard & Our Sisters – Courtesy of EspyRock and Signal Hill.

The Dead Vineyard – Download
Our Sisters – Download

Buy the album – Amazon UK (MP3) / Signal Hill - More After We're Gone UK / Signal Hill - More After We're Gone US

Psst.. If you head over to Signal Hill’s homepage you might find a third download.


A Secret Society (Live)

This New Year’s Absence


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