I want to introduce you to a band I discovered through Twitter, everybody say hi to Stuedabakerbrown. Now, I can’t remember if I approached them first or the other way around, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter are my first impressions of them (which still holds) – WoW, these guys are good!!

SoR30;who are Stuedabakerbrown?

Stuedabakerbrown is one of New York’s most dedicated and exciting independent rock bands. They are also one of the handsomest (their words, not mine. Check out the pictures or videos & see if you agree). They originally hail from the NYC suburb of Monroe, NY, where the five members all attended high school together. They began playing extensively in 2001 and have since become a hometown favourite as well as a regional success.

The band draws influences from legends such as U2 and Tom Petty, contemporaries like Coldplay and Jimmy Eat World, and the essence of mid-90’s alternative rock from their youth is evident in their song writing. Boasting irresistible original songs and an unforgettable live performance, the group has grown accustomed to large crowds, has sold out New York City’s famous Bitter End rock club multiple times, and packs other venues such as The Mercury Lounge and The Annex on a regular basis.

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Their newest release is a two-song “single” entitled Heartbeat. Including their 2008 EP Closer and a 2007 compilation of earlier material, all of the band’s music has been self-produced and self-released, and is currently available at all major online retailers.

You can hear the two-song “single” Heartbeat (Colors & Heartbeat) + 3 songs from their 2008 EP Closer on our player above if you haven’t already done so. Do yourself a favour and check them out!

They are currently selling their Closer EP over at Bandcamp: – Price: Pay what you want!

Home Page:
If you actually want to say Hi, hook up with them on Twitter: – they are nice guys.

Buy the album through EspyRock:

Amazon UK (MP3)
Stuedabakerbrown - Closer UK
Stuedabakerbrown - Closer US


A Time For Fire


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