The King and The Thief

Today I want to introduce you to The King and The Thief. Who?, you say. Well, that’s what I’m about to tell you :) So scroll down press play on our media player and enjoy The King and The Thief while you read the rest.

SoR30;who are The King and The Thief?

The King and The Thief, formerly known as Now and Forever, are a melodic rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). This talented group are made up of Dan Mariska (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Kevin Goff (Drums, Percussion) & Tom Waterman (Lead Guitar).

They are a DIY (Do It Yourself) band and despite all the potential problems DIY bands may experience, such as lack of funds and balancing work, family & music, this hard working band have gained substantial local and regional attention.

In 2008 the band released their first EP “Of Wounds and Blessings”, under the name Now and Forever. The EP was produced by Izaac Burkhart and Dan Smith. It immediately received praise and great reviews which was topped by being included in several “Top Albums of the Year” lists.

So in 2009 the band changed their name to The King and The Thief and riding on the strong buzz from 2008, the band saved up some money and decided to record their next EP. The honors (and money) were given to producer Ace Enders (The Early November, Ace Enders and a Million Different People) at his Hammonton, NJ studio called Pink Space.

The King and The ThiefThe recording took place during an eventful weekend in august 2009, which included a 20hrs drive each way + sharing a hotel with ALOT of dogs who were attending a dog show. Dogs are cool during daytime when they enjoy themselves by playing around and having fun, but not entirely as fun when the dogs, who does not know how to whisper, decides to have a nightly conference by talking to everyone else through the walls :)

Anyways, the result was titled “Feathers” and consists of the two awesome songs “Clocks Are Grinning” & “Fire Walk With Me” that are available in our player above. The EP was supported by a tour in November and December.

The band are currently back in the studio recording a new album which is being produced by Izaac Burkhart & Dan Smith, and are expected to be released Spring 2010. Everything is still (to my knowledge) up in the air regarding how many songs will make it on the album. What is certain is that the band have a whole score of quality songs to choose from, and the only thing which is stopping the band from recording all of them are the woe of many DIY bands – Time & Money.

I’m going to end this by quoting the band themselves – “We love making, listening to, and doing anything regarding music. So…Talk to us about it. We’ll get back to you. :)” So why don’t you do just that – Check them out (“Clocks Are Grinning” are especially awesome), talk to them. They wont be a Minneapolis secret for long…

You can get the “Feathers” EP for FREE by going to their Purevolume site – HERE.

You can also get handmade, hand-numbered hard copies of the “Feathers EP” by going to the band’s own online store -> HERE. Their EP’s Of Wounds and Blessings, Feathers & Polaroid: A Collection of B-Sides are available on iTunes, Amazon and most major online retailers.

Buy the EP’s:

Of Wounds and Blessings
The King and The Thief - of Wounds and Blessings UK / The King and The Thief - of Wounds and Blessings US

The King and The Thief - Feathers EP UK / The King and The Thief - Feathers EP US

Polaroid: A Collection of B-Sides
The King and The Thief - Polaroid: a Collection of B-sides UK / The King and The Thief - Polaroid: a Collection of B-sides US

Upcoming Shows:

10 mar 2010 19:00 – Eclipse Records **Acoustic** w/ Mother Culture – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The King and The Thief on Myspace, Twitter & Homepage/Tumblr.

The Blacksmith (Bedroom version – Acoustic)

Of Wounds and Blessings:

1. The King and the Thief

2. Lions

3. The Blacksmith

4. We Make Our Beds

5. Through Glass on Windows


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