The V.I.Ps

Today we are introducing The V.i.Ps, Indie Pop Rock band hailing from London, UK.

We have three songs streaming & all three songs available as FREE downloads.

SoR30; who are The V.i.Ps?

Well, the awesome V.i.Ps are Dean Ouartsi (Guitar & Lead Vocals) Flavia Jones (Synthesizer & Vocals) Liam Williamson (Drums) & Sara Farina (Bass Guitar & Vocals). Spiralling from the streets of London, bringing their infectious, energetic Rock n Rolla to the madding crowd. And who through word of mouth are creating a buzz with their live performances at places such as The Brixton Jamm, The Camden BarFly & The Buffalo Bar.

The V.i.Ps name came from a dream their frontman Dean had and it’s stuck ever since. The name is supposed to be tongue in cheek, as the band feel the actual V.I.P status shouldn’t exist.

While playing together for two years, they have recorded three songs with producer Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream/My bloody Valentine). Their influences include the likes of The Clash, Joy Division, New Order, Blondie, Stereolab, The Killers and Bloc Party.

Future plans for the band include more gigs and going in to the studio recording an EP, although no date are set in stone yet. Streaming a super-electric sonic noise, bursting full of catchy hooks, boy/girl harmonies and danceable beats, The V.i.Ps will definitely be making headlines, becoming sell outs, getting filthy rich, whilst being regular members of the Priory and saving the world.

Check out their three songs – “Happen“, “Three Gallons of Caffeine” & “Run Faster, Run” (Truly infectious!!) – in our player above & download all three songs for FREE below. (Right click & choose Save As..)

Happen – Download
Three Gallons of Caffeine – Download
Run Faster, Run – Download

The V.i.Ps on the Web – Myspace, Twitter & Reverbnation.


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