Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight – Movin’ On

When you encounter a name as extraordinary as Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight, you instantly recognise that this is a band with a desire to establish a musical identity of great flamboyance and individuality. On the evidence of the St Albans band’s latest release Movin’ On, these presumptions ring true to say the very least. It could be said that to praise albums for “encompassing a wide range of musical genres and styles”, or words to that effect, would be to aid the perpetuation of a cliché among music fans and critics alike. When discussing Movin’ On, however, this type of description most certainly applies. Make no mistake, this is an epic record.

It’s simply impossible to pin Trippy Wicked down to one specific genre, but the band’s sound can perhaps best be described as a combination of stoner rock and doom, enhanced by ever-present elements of blues. Movin’ On is an accurate representation of all of these factors, as is the colossal title track which opens the album. Consisting of steadily-paced retro blues riffs moulded in abrasive, High on Fire-esque stoner metal fashion, before erupting into an impressive display of frenetic pace and psychedelic guitar solos, this really is an excellent track which instantly sets a remarkably high standard for the remainder of the album.

One of the greatest strengths of Movin’ On as an album is the remarkably “old-school” nature of each song. A vibe reminiscent of what you would perhaps expect from the 1960s is evident for the duration of the album, which may seem unusual given the prominence of stoner metal. Rather than sounding dated, however, this is actually a breath of fresh air, as it is too rare an occurrence in the rock music of today. Clothes On My Floor, for instance, may well have been inspired by the likes of The Kinks and The Who, while the magnificent Echoes, one of the album’s highlights, combines the psychedelic style of Pink Floyd with the tranquil yet emotive sounds of today’s finest post-rock bands, whilst also maintaining the aforementioned blues dimension that forms an integral characteristic of Trippy Wicked’s unique sound.

Another area in which Trippy Wicked triumph in harking back to the musical approaches of previous generations is the vocals. Frontman Pete Holland has a fantastic voice which brings the tone of Ozzy Osbourne and the melodic range of Chris Cornell together, and his vocal ability is a key aspect of the record’s overall identity. This is no more apparent than on the album’s final two tracks, The Water and Because of You, and the vocalist’s impressive range is plain for all to hear on the latter in particular. This is also the case on the brilliant Not What You Know, a euphoric blend of seismic doom riffs, blistering speed and impassioned, blues-infused singing straight out of the top drawer.

Anyone who has the good fortune to listen to Movin’ On will gauge within an instant that the members of Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight are all very talented individuals, with songwriting abilities akin to those of many of their peers. However, the band deserve an enormous amount of credit with what they have achieved with this record for other reasons. On paper, to amalgamate stoner/doom metal with blues would seemingly lead to disaster, yet in this instance the unlikely combination works a treat. Furthermore, Trippy Wicked have managed to utilise the spirit and general vibe of a bygone era in such a way that it sounds as relevant as anything you are likely to hear in 2010. This is the main reason why Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight deserve your immediate attention, and there is no better place to start than this astonishing piece of work.

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  1. Pete Holland is my brother and I’m so very proud of him! This is a fantastic review, an excellent album and, after much hard work, Trippy Wicked are finally getting the praise they thoroughly deserve. Thank you!

  2. Just have to say cheers for the great review JJ. You seem to really get where we’re coming from. Was reading the review with a massive grin on my face. All the best for the new year, good luck with all you do.