Anaal Nathrakh

Bloodstock 2012 Interview: Anaal Nathrakh

Birmingham’s Black metal/grindcore band Anaal Nathrakh seemed to be one of the most anticipated bands to watch on the final day of Bloodstock. Guitarist Mick Kenney spoke to EspyRock before going on to play a crushing set with the band at the festival.

Welcome to Bloodstock! What has the atmosphere been like out here?

It’s a good vibe, everyone’s pretty relaxed. We live locally so it was pretty easy for us to get here! It’s easy going.

What kind of songs are you going to be playing?

The ones that are very fast! Very brutal, the ones with a lot of screaming, loads of double-kick drums, loads of blast beats, loads of crazy shit and extreme stuff. We’re playing all of our ‘hits’ or ‘shits’. (laughs).

You don’t usually perform a lot, how do you decide which gigs you want to play?

Most of the time it’s based on whether we can afford to do the shows, because I live in America, and all the guys have got jobs. So if a show comes up and it pays enough money for us to fly there, get there and do it, then we’ll do it! But what’s the point in doing a show when everyone loses their wages, you know? Everyone’s got bills to pay. We’re not a really big band or anything.

It’s been about a year or so since ‘Passion’ was released. How has the response been?

We got a lot of mixed responses. Some of them said it was very different, but I didn’t think it was any different. Some people out there think it’s our best album. We just make albums however we like, we don’t think about it too much.

What has the band’s sonic evolution been like? What is it/was it based on?

We never really think about it, you know. When it’s time to make an album, we just make an album. We’ve always got to reach the same people, we’ve got the same influences, we make the music the same. It just so happens that it turns out like that or like that. We don’t have a plan or anything. As long it’s brutal, you know? We haven’t got a guideline or anything.

I know Anaal Nathrakh is quite influenced by literature…

Well, that’s the vocalist, so you need to talk to him. I have no idea about any of that shit.

I guess I can skip this question, then. I was going to ask you what you were reading.

(scoffs) I don’t read!

What festival are you heading to next?

We’re playing in Switzerland with Nile next week and then we go straight to Germany and play a festival called Summer Breeze. It’s a pretty big one and it’s really cool.

Is there a new album expected?

We’ve already finished our new album. It’s recorded, totally finished. It comes out October 15th.

I’m going to ask you once again, what should fans expect from it?

It’s still crazy shit. It’s totally extreme. A lot more extreme than our last album. It’s very extreme.

So you’re coming here from another festival, is that right?

Yeah, we played in Czechoslovakia, at Brutal Assault.

What else are you doing here at Bloodstock?

I’ve been too busy doing interviews to catch any bands! I just look forward to hanging out with my friends and playing the show, and then hanging out later on. I want to see Alice Cooper, though. I wanted to watch Dimmu Borgir, but they’re on the same time as us.


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