The Black Dahlia Murder

Bloodstock 2012 Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Ryan Williams answered a quick-fire round of questions for EspyRock just before The Black Dahlia Murder took the main stage on Bloodstock’s final day.

How does it feel to be out here at Bloodstock?

Ryan: Awesome! It’s our first time here, so we’re excited to play here. Bloodstock will be another one to add to our catalogue.

You have played a whole bunch of festivals across Europe so how does this fit in with the whole vibe of those metal festivals? Is it different in other countries, or does the metal aspect give you a familiarity?

Ryan: Umm, you know it’s different, but it’s the same. It’s different because, obviously you’re in a different country and the people are all different. But you still get the festival vibe; there are multiple stages, you have the festivities and concession stands and stuff.

I checked out your Facebook page and there are a lot of music recommendations, and you guys are always funny, and open and crack a lot of jokes. How is it that the more extreme and intense kind of music you play, the funnier is the band?

Ryan: I think extreme metal in itself is a funny genre. You got a guy hitting drums as fast as he can, you got a guy yelling and screaming; guitar players doing acrobatics. It’s just a funny style of music. But at the same time, you can do a lot of stuff and just go all out.

Who are you looking forward to seeing here at Bloodstock?

Ryan: Alice Cooper for sure, Nile, Dimmu Borgir, who are always a cool band to see.

Is that because you’re only here for the Sunday and they’re the acts playing?

Ryan: (Laughs) yeah that kinda sucks, but you know…

You guys played at Ghostfest a couple of months ago. What do you think of English metal fests? I know Bloodstock is a bit more into featuring old school metal bands.

Ryan: Yeah it’s more of an ‘inside’ festival. UK fests are cool. You guys are doing it rihgt here in the UK. All the festivals are on par with the rest of Europe so good job!

You were here to promote ‘Ritual’ in January. When are you planning to hit the UK again?

Ryan: We did 21 shows here the last time around. We’re probably going to be back sometime in February or March.


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