Broken Bricks – End Of The Year Interview

For our third End Of The Year interview, we’ve been in contact with Marlon Chaplin & Luke Kuplowsky from the awesome Broken Bricks.

As usual we’ve asked them about their highlights of this past year, the band’s plans for next year (a new EP) & last but not least; What is on their Christmas dinner menu?

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Introducing Broken Bricks (Stream)
Broken Bricks Are Celebrating – Get The Album For $1 & 5 Songs For Free (Well worth it!)

Question timeR30;

How was the year 2009 for you?

Marlon: It was definitely a formative and developmental year for us. We released ‘Pasquale’ and we sort of found out what the few critics who have talked about us are shaping us up to be. Which is very interesting because there is a lot of narrowmindedness in the indie scene, or at least Toronto’s right now. It’s ironic; from an outsider’s point of view it seems we’re a very functional, open and supportive town, musically speaking. Until you realize it takes somebody, or some entity, big and mysterious and apparently ahead of the game to tell people what to like. But that’s been going on for ages. Solely for the music being played in clubs by new and original bands, it’s been a good year. A few of the highlights for us have been playing better and better gigs generally, planting the bug of Broken Bricks in unsuspecting strangers ears.

Luke: Performing in a Chinese restaurant and playing to an audience of three kids and a potbellied father in an abandoned storehouse in Bolton (Music Festival?).

2010; What plans and high hopes do you have in store for next year?

Marlon: 2010 will be the year we take this show on the road, whether sooner or later. We’re always dying to record, it seems, but we really don’t want to put out another record until we have a deal going on, it just doesn’t make sense. We have enough material, truly good material to fill another four albums and we’re always growing as songwriters. Luke and I just last week were going over a whole new batch of songs that nobody has heard yet, and it sort of hit us that we’re heading into new territory that is ahead of what we might even put out on the next record, it’s strange. We do have an online EP though, that will be coming out in the new year that we did at the studios at Harris.

Luke: Something like last year, but much better.

What was your Musical Discovery of the year?

Marlon: There’s not a lot. The Dead Weather’s album “Horehound” is the most outstanding one I can think of, as far as more major type bands go. Luke and I saw them at their surprise show at the Horseshoe a little while ago and that about blew my head away. If you wanna get real low down into the Toronto depths and dive into obscurity, the two songwriters I’ve been most excited about have been two I’m working with right now. Sintia, she keeps making my brain do backflips and Freeman Dre, a songwriter whose been around for a while – he leads a band called Kitchen Party and he’s really something. You’ll be hearing about both of them soon. They’re just around the bend.

Luke: “Monkey: Journey to the West” was another notch on Damon Albarn’s incredibly prolific output. Also The Dead Weather’s debut Horehound was a welcome relief: harkening back to the raw sound of Mr. White’s self professed favourite rock ‘n’ roll album “Fun House”. Toronto’s local scene is a bit stale, but there are definitely some worthwhile acts. Donlands and Mortimer are incredible pop writers and one of the few Toronto bands to have truly gifted vocalists. The Modern Superstitions are also a great rock ‘n’ roll act and defiantly a thrill in a live setting.

Are there any bands/artists or albums that you have high hopes and are particularly excited about in 2010?

Marlon: I’m excited to hear the Good, the Bad, and the Queen’s new record. I think there’s a rumour drifting around that after Damon Albarn puts out the next Gorilla’s album, their record will follow. And if you don’t have their first, self titled record, go out and buy it – there’s loads left.

Luke: Rather than breakthrough, I’d like to see a mass break-up of bands to allow for some new, young blood to get through. Hopefully Leonard Cohen will put his never-ending tour to rest and record the wealth of material he’s hinted at in interviews. Besides that, I’m sure whatever Third Man Records releases will be full of surprises – whether it a new White Stripes Album or one of the other dozen projects White is constantly involved with.

If you had to pick one Experience and put it above the rest, what would that be?

Marlon: Discovering yesterday that one of the reasons winter always seems so peaceful is because the snow deadens most of the sound, like whole city is soundproofed for a few months. That had never occured to me.

Luke: When a cat blinks, it may be a sign of distress.

Your Album Of The Year?

Marlon: I have none. 2009 wasn’t a good year for new records. Actually, Bob Dylan’s Christmas album is my favourite. That’s really the best record of 2009. And Horehound of course.

Luke: Yeah, Dylan’s Christmas Album’s was great – you could put it alongside other classic Christmas Album’s like Willie Nelson’s Pretty Paper and Jim Reeves Twelve Songs of Christmas (I’m sure Dylan would be happy about that). Other than that, Horehound and Albarn’s “Monkey” were fantastic.

Your Song Of The Year?

Marlon: There’s no single favourite of mine.

Luke: Pigsy in Space. Brilliant.

Your Book Of The Year?

Marlon: I don’t know, I don’t think I read a whole fucking book this year. I tried to get through War of the Worlds. I didn’t like it.

Luke: Haven’t read any contemporary authors for a while, but I’d defiantly recommend anything by Nabokov and Vonnegut. Also if you want to read some of the greatest sci-fi concepts ever produced, read any of Asimov’s short stories. And War of the Worlds was fantastic.

Your Movie Of The Year?

Marlon: Well, I’ve still yet to see a Serious Man. I don’t know, Crazy Heart I’m interested in too.

Luke: Pruane2forever. A comedy genius. Oh yeah and Inglorious Basterds was good too, I guess.

Do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple of months?

Jan 11th at The Drake (Toronto)
Jan 22nd at The Rivoli (Toronto)
Feb 11th at Norma Jean’s (London, ON)

And finally as Christmas are sneaking up on us. What will be on your Christmas Dinner Menu?

Marlon: All the stuff that’s bad for you.

Luke: Phil Spector and stuffing

They are going to be featured on CUIT (University of Toronto) radio show Take5 on Jan 15th. Watch out for a new EP in the spring, and they will be playing Canada Music Week for the first time this coming March. Debut Album “Pasquale” available on all major online retailers. + it’s available for only $1 at

Broken Bricks on Myspace & Bandcamp

Broken Bricks – Clean Cut Man

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Luke’s Favourite song of the year:

Monkey – Pigsy In Space

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  1. Great Interview and a GREAT band!!

  2. TommyChong65 27/12/2009 at 7:57 pm

    This is really a cool interview, can’t wait for the EP.

  3. Intellegant guys, unlike some of the dull pricks who get attention in this city. Good luck to them!

  4. Great live band.

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