Efren – End Of The Year Interview

Next in line of our End Of The Year interviews are Scott, the man behind the Excellent Efren.

We caught him in the midst of his Christmas preparations, but he was gracious enough to make time to answer our questions about his highlights of this past year, the band’s plans for next year & last but not least; What is on his Christmas dinner menu?

We got some exciting answers such as a possible tour of US & Europe and a new EP; Catch it all below :)

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Question timeR30;

How was the year 2009 for you?

Started a new project, Efren. Recorded an album, Thunder and Moan. Formed a band (*Efren are both solo and at times a full band – TheMusicMan81). Released album to good reviews. I had a good year.

2010; What plans and high hopes do you have in store for next year?

More solo shows, more full band shows, a full band EP and start another full length. Tour the US and Europe.

What was your Musical Discovery of the year?

The Low Anthem, Langhorne Slim, Bonnie Prince Billy, Iron and Wine, Elephant 6, Taylor Hollingsworth, A Major Love Event, Bon Iver

Are there any bands/artists or albums that you have high hopes and are particularly excited about in 2010?

Taylor Hollingsworth, Efren!!, More iron and wine please.

If you had to pick one Experience and put it above the rest, what would that be?

Seeing Monsters of Folk at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. and recording and releasing an album, Efren, Thunder and Moan

Your Album Of The Year?

Monsters of Folk, Bon iver, Efren

Your Song Of The Year?

To Ohio, The Low Anthem

Your story of the year. Experienced something amazing, crazy, warm and fuzzy, special this year?

Someone requested an Efren song at a show, cuz they heard it on the radio and iTunes…

Do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple of months?

Jan. 7th Flicker Theatre Athens, GA
Jan 14th GO Bar Athens, GA
Jan. 15th Java Monkey Atlanta, GA
Jan. 30th Flicker Theatre Athens, GA
Feb. 27th Flicker Theatre Athens, GA

And finally as Christmas are sneaking up on us. What will be on your Christmas Dinner Menu?

Stuffed pork loin, Bourbon.

Efren on Myspace, Twitter, Reverbnation, Blog & Homepage.

Efren – Montana  Scare

Efren – Up In the Drifts

Efren – Thunder n Moan

Scott, Efren’s Song of the Year:

The Low Anthem – To Ohio

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