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As part of a new series of interviews EspyRock commander-in-chief Michael Hughes, who has just written a dissertation on the effect of the internet on the music industry for the University Of The West Of Scotland, will be getting the views of artists on the internet’s effect on the music industry. The interview series will cover what is currently going on with the band at the moment but will also feature a questionnaire ranging from topics as to illegal downloading, social networking, technology and the future of the industry.

With the bands brand new album ‘The Discovery’ hitting stores just over one month ago, I had the chance to submit questions to the band about the album, upcoming tours, what Jason has brought to the band and their refusal into Canada. The band also took time to answer a select few questions about the music industry.

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‘The Discovery’ hit stores at the end of last month, what can you tell us about this album compared to ‘A Higher Place’?

This is us at our finest so far. We all put our heads together with this one. We moved into a house/studio together and made this album our lives. It’s been a couple years in the making but it was worth all the hard work. Musically, it’s heavier, faster, more technical, more structured, and more melodic.

Did you set out any goals when you started to write and record this album in order to expand on ‘A Higher Place’ and if you did, do you think you achieved them all?

We didn’t necessarily have too many set ideas for this one. Our creative process is very natural. We’re never trying hard to BE something. It’s just whatever comes out of us comes out of us. Fortunately for us this time, we were all there to put our heads together.

Did you feel any pressure because of bands growing fan base to keep one step ahead and create something that would blow them away?

No I don’t think so. We are always writing and creating and evolving as musicians. I think because of that we will always get better at what we do and put out a better album every time.

I saw a mention that you all moved in together for this album, did that help the writing and creative process?

Indeed it did! I mentioned much of this above.

Born Of Osiris The Discovery ArtworkThis album is again longer than your previous two releases from around 20 minutes on ‘The New Reign’ to 35 minutes on ‘A Higher Place’ and now 53 minutes for ‘The Discovery’ which is spread out over 15 tracks. Was it a decision to keep pushing the album and to expand the length or did it come naturally?

I think it came naturally due to us all being involved with the writing process. This is the most time we’ve had to create something, and we made full use of all of our time.

Your label owner was involved in one of the lyrics for the album, was it just the one song or was there a little more involvement?

He wrote a part in the song “Follow the Signs.” I think it turned out great. From the second he heard the part he said he had it in his head, so we were stoked when it came time and the lyrics were along the same lines as the rest of the song.

The album was self-produced this time around; did it feel better to have more control over what was being put together?

Definitely! As time goes on and we devote more and more of our lives to this band, it just feels better knowing we are in control of our future. We’ve had some outside parties mess things up for us before with previous albums, so we decided to take the whole record process into our own hands this time. We love the way it turned out too, so who knows if we will continue to keep things this way in the future.

This is of course the first album with Jason, what do you think he brought to the band in terms of sound and performance?

He is a very “shreddy” player. He loves guitar solos and fast leads. He definitely threw some more shred on this album, and because of it, I in turn added a bunch of my own too! As far as playing and technicality goes, it’s our best so far.

You will be hitting the road soon with performances at Bamboozle and the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival. Do you enjoy these festival performances?

We do. Although the days can be long and stressful, the shows always make it worth it in the end. We love playing to new people as well, and these are a great way to showcase ourselves to a new audience.

You also have a few dates in the UK including one here in Glasgow at the new Apollo and also in Europe. How do you find the reception here in the UK and Europe compared to the US?

It’s great! We love heading over there every time. We don’t get to come out often, so we find that when we do people are very enthusiastic about it. The shows are always great and the people are always great.

There was the hassle with Canada at the beginning of the month, was it anything serious that stopped you more entering or was it something stupid that hopefully will be ok in the future for a return?

It was due to criminal records. Unfortunately we can’t change them, but it’s only sometimes we get hell for it at border crossings. We hope to make it up to Canada soon.

With the album released and again breaking the Billboard 100, what are your plans and goals for the rest of 2011?

We plan on heading to new countries and places we haven’t been to before. We also plan on playing a lot of the new album live for the fans.

Internet and the music industry

The biggest issue with the internet for artists is of course illegal downloading and there has been a rapid decline in value of the industry as the internet expands throughout the world. Several artists I have spoken to have stated that it has become part of life and that now selling albums is no longer a profitable business; money is solely earned from touring. What are your views on the matter of illegal downloading?

Rough subject. Although all of us have downloaded music before, it does take a toll on the artists. The more artists make off of record sales, the more they can put back into their music, shows, production, etc.

Born Of Osiris BandAs the digital music stores assist in distribution, other factors that come into releasing an album are marketing and promotion of any sort. What are your views on the ability to use the internet to promote and market yourself?

The internet is a great tool to promote music. I think for a lot of bands, if it weren’t for internet sites they wouldn’t even have a career as a band. I can say the same for us, our label found us through MySpace.

Social networking has naturally become a massive asset in the industry for labels and artists to be able to interact with fans on an everyday basis from anywhere in the world. Do you feel that if the social networking boom hadn’t taken place that it would effectively hinder careers as there would have been no direct route to communicate with fans?

It’s hard to say, but I do feel social networking is a great way to connect with fans.

A big development in recent years has been the hardware and software that has been created for anyone and everyone to purchase. We now find aspiring artists building their own home studios at their computer by purchasing top of line software, sound cards, microphones and such. What are your views on the technology advancements in recent years from software, hardware and even to the MP3 itself? What positives or negatives if any do you see from these advancements?

I think it’s great where home recording technology is going. Big studios can be upset all they want, but as far as creativity and making music in general, home studios are helping take music to a new level.


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