Fozzy: Rich Ward answers your questions

When we contacted Rich Ward for an interview last month, we asked you, the fans, to send in your questions for him. Here’s a selection of the ten best questions we got. Cheers to the Fozzy Street Team for their help.

How do you all know each other?

I had a few friends through Stuck Mojo that were pro wrestlers, including Diamond Dallas Page, and they were performing at an arena a couple of hours away from where I live and they invited me to come up. So I was hanging out backstage when Chris Jericho walked up and I’d always wanted to meet him because I’d heard he was a big metal fan. So I was introduced to him, we got talking and he told me he’d seen Stuck Mojo play when we were supporting Testament. We had so many bands we both liked and we just really hit it off. So I just told him about Fozzy Osbourne and asked him if he’d like to come in for one show as our guest lead singer, and that was how Fozzy started – as a chance meeting!

If the band’s name wasn’t Fozzy, what would it be?

Aw man, I don’t even know. Probably 4 handsome dudes! Or 3 handsome dudes and 1 guitar player, how about that? Let that be a lesson to people out there – even if you start as a fun time, party band, one day you may take yourself seriously and write original material and make albums, so be careful on the name you choose, it may stick with you forever!

Are there any more tour dates scheduled?

We’re actually talking to a bunch of promoters about doing some lengthy touring in the fall. We’re working with Chris and his schedule to try and set aside a couple of weeks for a UK tour and another two for Australia/Japan. Like I said, on one hand it’s great that Chris is the champ but it also really makes it difficult for us to be able to tour. So once we get to the fall, we’re really going to open up the touring schedule.

What is Chris whispering around 3:58 in Paraskavedekatriaphobia?

I actually got Chris to do some whispering along with a friend of mine, and his 10 year old daughter. So there’s three people whispering. I wanted some to make it sound creepy, like a poltergeist movie type thing, and Chris wanted to know what to say so I went to the bathroom and grabbed a magazine and it was called Rue Morgue, which is a magazine dedicated to horror movies, and I had them read some excerpts from there – completely random things. It’s not so much about what he’s saying as it is about the context of the delivery.

Will there be another Stuck Mojo and Duke album?

There will definitely be more Stuck Mojo records and there will probably be another Duke album as well. I’ve actually written quite a lot of material for a new Duke album that I wrote about a year and a half after the last one came out that’s just sitting there unused and unfinished. I’m passionate about Duke and that album is probably the most proud moment in my career, but life is all about priorities and for me right now Fozzy is where all the excitement is. It’s like having 3 children – it doesn’t mean that I don’t love little Johnnie or little Susie, it’s just that little Theodore needs my attention right now!

Which is your favourite song off the new album? Which one did you like working on the most?

I know its clichéd because it’s the one we released as a single, but I really do love ‘Martyr No More’. I think it’s the perfect marriage of riff, groove, melody and lyrics. It all just came together there. I love listening to Jeff Waters shred and the ending of the song has this super fast thrash beat. It’s an interesting guitar riff as well, a lot trickier than you would imagine so it’s fun to play.

Do street teams and online social networking sites make a difference?

Absolutely. I think they’ve changed the music business forever. I’m sure in five years something else will come along and it’ll be different, and in 10 years again, and I love that. Obviously as a 40 year old guy, there’s something sentimental about going to the record store and having the big vinyl jackets that have artwork which impacts you more than a small CD Jewel case cover. So for me the internet is great because as the old record stores are going, the net has taken the music back to real fans. We’ve bridged the gap now with all these sites that have photos and B-Sides and so on, and it’s so much easier to stay in touch with your fans. It kinda pisses me off when people start whining the blues about people downloading their music for free because there’s always going to be a downside to any technology. We all made mixtapes, but almost 100 per cent of the time, albums that I really liked I bought because I wanted it in my collection.

Have you decided on a setlist for the upcoming gigs? What can we expect – favourites from the first few albums or mostly new tracks?

At the moment we’ve got 14 songs on the setlist for a Wrestlemania party gig that we’re playing and 5 of them are off ‘Chasing The Grail’. It’s a mixed bag of stuff from all the albums, so it’s a pretty good mixture. We’re rehearsing more than we’ve ever done for a Fozzy tour, so I’m really excited to go out there, play at 120 dB, see the smiles and feel the energy!

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