Between The Buried and Me

Interview: Between The Buried And Me – Blake Richardson

Track: Lunar Wilderness

EP: The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues

The last thing I want to ask you about is your side-project with Dustie [Waring], Glass Casket. What’s happening with them?

Oh man [laughs].

I noticed online that there was a mention from Dustie that a new album was supposedly in the works to be released last year but nothing appeared.

The last album we put out was [‘Desperate Man’s Diary’] quite a few years ago [in 2006]. We keep having these illusions that in the three to four months off that we have that we’ll write a Casket record but when we get home from tour we just sit down on the couch and become lazy. We’ll go out and play a show every once in a while and just hit ideas of new stuff but I’m sure it will be a while before we ever release another Glass Casket record. We’re [laughs], we’re the two laziest members in the band so when you put the two laziest band members together in a separate project and expect them to work, it just isn’t going to happen [laughs]. I wonder how we ever released the albums that we did before [laughs].

So for fans of the band would you still say there is a future for the project?

Yeah it will definitely keep going but as this takes up so much of our time and this is our priority then it could be years before we release anything new. We’ll still play the odd show but nothing too crazy. It’s just one of those things. Like the new Blood Has Been Shed stuff, I’ve been waiting for that forever but they are so busy with Killswitch Engage. I’ve been seriously waiting for new Blood Has Been Shed stuff for about what, six years now maybe more than that in fact and people might get like that with us.

I think it was about five/six years ago your last album with Glass Casket.

I think so man but we’ll sort that out eventually, I say eventually but what I mean is when someone drags me and Dustie into a room and forces us to do some work [laughs].

Well I think that is us, I can let you relax just before they serve you dinner.

[Laughs]. Yeah man, is that the kitchen right there? I might just jump in and start picking off plates [laughs]. You sticking around for tonight?

Oh yeah, been waiting to see you guys and Animals As Leaders for a long time so to have you both in one night is perfect.

Yeah we love doing a tour just as two bands, three at the maximum but that’s how we usually do our tours back in the States. Originally it was just going to be Animals As Leaders and us on the US tour which is how I would have preferred it because Animals As Leaders get an hour on stage and then we get an hour and a half and everything just works so fucking easily. That’s the old school way of touring and how I like it.

You know you see all these “Evening with…” tours now.

Oh yeah man [laughs].

Could you see yourself pulling off that sort of show with the acoustic versions first before the normal plugged in set?

It would be fucking awesome man [laughs]. I really love those sort of shows and I could actually see us doing them in the future, not a full tour, maybe just a special show here and there.

Yeah like hometown or where you attract the biggest crowds as you know you will sell tickets very easily.

Yeah something like that. Opeth did some shows like that back in the States in like New York, L.A., Chicago or something like that. It would be interesting.

Have you ever tried acoustic versions of your own material?

Nah, we’re far too scared [laughs].

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