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Being noted as one of 100 bands you need to know by Alternative Press doesn’t come without having some talent and constantly selling and pushing records out, Conditions have proved why they are certainly a band to watch out for.

Relentless touring throughout the US and across Europe has seen the band pick up a number of fans which led to the band storming through 2010. With the release of their full length album ‘Fluorescent Youth’ in September 2010, the band have working hard to constantly spread their music throughout the globe.

Currently on the road in the US on the Alternative Press tour with D.R.U.G.S., Black Veil Brides, I See Stars and VersaEmerge we had the chance to send some questions to Conditions which Alex Howard (guitars and vocals) took some time to reply to. Read on as Alex talks about the reception from their album, the current tour, possible return to the UK and also on their future album.

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One of the most notable developments was of course being signed to Good Fight. How have things been working out for you since you joined them?

Amazing! We love the guys over at Good Fight and it’s always felt like a family, so that’s we chose to call them home in the first place. They work their butts off and are great, genuine people that we love to work with.

Conditions - Fluorescent Youth ArtworkYour album ‘Fluorescent Youth’ was released back in September. How happy were you to receive such a positive response from it?

We were and still are stoked! We put a lot of hard work into that record, and we felt a little bit of pressure to perform since it was our first proper full-length. We’re happy with the way it came out and even happier to hear so many kind words in response to it.

Do you think you found your ‘sound’ so to speak after you heard the reaction to the EP and combined that with the direction you wanted to take your music?

I think that we’ll always be somewhat evolving and challenging ourselves with every recording, but yes, we do feel like ‘Fluorescent Youth’ is our most cohesive and honest release to date.

Corey has now become a staple to this band but what do you feel he brought to the band when he joined because the original line-up has been together for over four years now, did you make him work to earn his stripes?

Haha we DEFINITELY made him earn his stripes. He’s still “the new guy” to this day so we rag on him all the time, but he’s great.

Alternative Press have always supported the band over the years naming you in their “100 Bands You Need To Know” list, does it feel great to have their support especially now the band has graced the cover of their magazine when they featured the vocalists from the AP tour?

It is absolutely amazing and humbling. Alternative Press is a magazine that I’ve subscribed to since I was a young teen and always seen all of my favorite bands in, so now to see MY band in it is an absolute dream come true.

The band has been out on the AP Tour since mid-March, how has that tour been going so far?

The AP Tour has treated us very well. The shows have had higher turnouts than most tours we’re a part of so we’re playing to a much larger and more diverse crowd. It seems like we’re getting across to a wider fan base so we’re just stoked to be spreading the word! All of the other bands have been really awesome to us also, so we’re making some good friends, especially with those fine gentlemen in D.R.U.G.S.

Have you been fans of any of the bands on the tour and were looking to see them perform as well as share the stage?

Yeah, definitely. VersaEmerge have been good friends of ours for a couple years now so it’s always fun to tour and see them every night. I had especially gotten into D.R.U.G.S. debut record since I loved all of their previous bands, so it’s an honour to see them slay it every night.

Conditions - BandAny crazy stories from the tour so far that you could share?

Plenty of stories, but the best stay left untold haha.

What is the plan for when the AP Tour ends? More touring or are you planning to take a small break after such a period on the road?

We will be home for about a month for a short break, then we have a small run in June with our friends in There For Tomorrow followed by a full US run with Anarbor from July-September.

I saw noted in another interview that likely around the end of the year you might start writing again as you would like to give the album at least a year before you started to consider the next release. Like every band you always set out to give your best on every album and make it your best; do you think you will be able to best what you have already done?

Absolutely. I would like to think that as time goes on and we mature as musicians, we’ll get better at playing as a cohesive unit and always write better and better.

Being that we’re based in the UK, I think a lot of our readers might boycott us if I didn’t ask, are you planning on returning to the UK again after you were here, what, 3 years ago?

Yes! We can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we were lucky enough to be on the UK Riot Tour with Paramore and New Found Glory, but we are absolutely itching to get back. As many people know, touring isn’t cheap especially when planes and better economies are involved haha. We’re hoping we get the right opportunity sooner than later!

I think one of the first things you notice about the band when you invest a little time in reading what you’re about is the fan support, it is incredible. If you had only this chance to say something to them what would you say?

As simple and cliché as it might sound, I would give everyone a huge THANK YOU. We know that we cannot do anything we do without the support of our fans, so we want to always have a connection with them and we want them to know that we appreciate absolutely everything.

Conditions - BandWhat are your views on the matter of illegal downloading?

Illegal downloading is too easy and too common these days. I don’t think there is any turning back now, so you have to roll with the punches. People don’t really realize that this is our livelihood they’re taking. You can spend $10 on a meal but not on something that will last much longer and support someone you claim to love’s career?

My take on it is this: If you download our stuff for free and you hate it, no hard feelings. But, if you download and love our stuff and want to support our band, PLEASE pick up a hard copy! If you don’t do that, come see us live, support us somehow, because without any support we can sustain our own lives and can’t continue to make music.

Thanks for taking time to answer some questions, please feel free to add anything you wish to be published below.

Nothing extra, I would just urge people to pick up a copy of ‘Fluorescent Youth’!


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