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Recently I had the opportunity to submit some questions to up and coming UK metal band Enemo-J. The band hail from the north of England and have been playing for a good few years now and have recently been getting some media coverage and also took part in this year’s annual Download Festival. You can read our review of the band here.

Below is the how the interview went with vocalist Craig Hartwell.

How you guys doing?

Good good, some really good things are being said about the new album!

The band doesn’t seem to play much outside your home area, how was the Download experience?

We don’t play much outside the area but it’s not like we ain’t willing too, we have to rely on good slots, me and Simon are the band veterans we have travelled hundreds of miles on a Tuesday night to play in front of a landlord and his dog, so now we pick and choose more wisely, Download however was the most craziest best day ever I wasn’t expecting a crowd but the lava videos and the flyering campaign paid off, we have radio microphones and before I went out I shouted ‘download are you fucking ready’ when I heard the scream back I nearly shat myself, but then the crowd was singing back to us its one of those things I will never forget, as for the whole weekend though backstage with slash and Corey Taylor and Dave Mustaine was quite surreal but meeting Dave Grohl was definitely the highlight as well as Vinnie Paul.

What’s it like being a metal band from the UK? Are fans welcoming/do you find it difficult?

The UK music industry doesn’t seem to support metal you can count all the successful ones on one hand (not including the old school) Lostprophets, Bullet For My Valentine but they’re signed to American labels, no one in the UK wants to take a chance with the UK metal scene, Raging Speedhorn was one of the best but went bankrupt very fast due to bad management, so it’s hard doing everything ourselves, agency’s never seem to get back to us so we bribe clubs for support slot, fans are crazy though if we do a gig it’s a hell of a show if we can convince one person to like us it was a success, some fans though are really crazy we have seen several Enemo-J tattoos that’s amazing but scary at the same time

Personally, I’d say you sound a lot like bands like Hatebreed, fair comparison or do you have someone else you’d rather be compared to?

I like being compared to Hatebreed they’re one of my favourites, Kerrang compared us to American Head Charge and Sepultura which I thought was amazing however the younger guys in the band aren’t fans, they hate it

This year the band has had some high profile exposure, with a music video on the TV (where I found you) and playing Download. How has this affected you guys as people?

No not at all there was a bit in the local press headlined ‘from Download to blockbusters’ the Sunday when we played Download the Monday after we were back at work its life!, if we keep our feet flat then everything is a bonus, I have seen bands with huge egos its kinda fun when they insist on headlining I’m like ‘ok’ then watch them try and keep up.

Has it made anything any easier as an up and coming band?

Yeah the crowds are getting bigger.

As a music fan in Scotland, does the band have any plans to come up here and tour?

Hopefully next year we will be arranging a few tours nationwide so hopefully yeah

Who are the biggest band you have had the privilege of sharing the stage with at a show?

Napalm Death was an honour, they’re really down to earth great guys as well, I took a lot from what Barney said to me, being on the same bill as Rage [Against The Machine] though was awesome although it’s a separate stage the whole entire Download bill was awesome though Hed(PE) was awesome as well Speedhorn

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

Fear Factory, Hatebreed or Soulfly I know the guys would kill me for that.

Who are your main influences?

We’re from different backgrounds me and Simon are old school so Sepultura and Pantera then we have the younger guys in the band with Sikth, Killswitch Engage and Norma Jean but it’s a wide variation from the Wu Tang Clan to A Perfect Circle it’s a strange mixture

For more information on Enemo-J visit their MySpace. And for updates about upcoming tours and album news, just keep your eyes peeled to EspyRock.

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For fans of: Soulfly, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Fear Factory
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