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Interview: Josh Childress of The Showdown

On the 24th August, The Showdown released their fifth studio effort, ‘Blood in the Gears,’ to only have amazing reviews from critics. Old fans have fell in love with the bands new music and they’ve gained the attention of many new fans as well. I was recently given the chance to submit some questions to long time guitarist, Josh Childers of The Showdown about touring, personal influences and the new record.

‘Blood in the Gears’, has been out for just under a month now, how has the reaction been?

It’s been great so far, super positive reviews and we’ve already seen some kids singing lyrics back at us.

Are there any songs you find fans go a little crazier for than others?

The ones that generally get the best reaction are ‘A Monument Encased In Ash,’ ‘Temptation Come My Way, ‘Hammer Of The Gods,’ and ‘From the Mouth Of Gath Comes Terror.’

What was it like having your bass player produce and record the album as opposed to having an outside source come in to do both?

It was super chill, he already engineered our first record and produced our third so we knew what it was like to work with him. The only difference is he has to play bass too now haha.

Did you guys try to do anything different on this album than you have in the past?

Generally I would write everything on past records, this time Patrick and Jeremiah took up alot of the riff writing and some of the composition. I mainly helped with arrangements and wrote vocals. It was nice to have some of that pressure taken off me and new blood always brings new ideas.

How long did it take you guys to write the songs for, ‘Blood In The Gears?’

It was several months of riff writing, some arrangement, and about a month to record, during which we were still writing.

Does the title of the album have any particular meaning besides being the name of one of the songs on the record?

The album is loosely themed around oppression and empire. Basically our blood greases the gears of the machine of state.

Do you guys have any cool tours coming up?

Nothing we can confirm other than a couple weeks with Living Sacrifice in early December. Got several ideas in motion though, definitely keep an eye out for us.

What are you guys listening to on tour right now?

Up front in the van I’m hearing a lot of country, some of the dudes are on a big John Anderson kick right now. Black Label Society and Pantera are always standards. I usually put my headphones in, been jamming a lot of Spiritual Beggars, Sahg, Drudkh, kind of underground stoner rock and black metal for the most part.

Where do your lyrics come from?

I read a lot, I travel a lot, I live life. There is no shortage of topics interesting or maddening enough to write about.

Is there any place that you guys haven’t played that you would like to play?

I’d like to see the rest of Europe, and I’d love to go to Australia.

If you could tour with any band that you’ve never toured with before who would it be?

Metallica, Down, Crowbar, Testament, Slayer, Machine Head. Real Metal!

When did you guys begin writing new songs for this record?

Well the record just came out a few days ago, we probably started writing for it a little over a year ago. We’re gonna try and be continuously writing throughout the record cycle and come to the table next time with more than we know what to do with.

Would you say this album is a progression from your last record?

I would certainly hope so, and I believe it is.  This feels like the most pure distillation of what we’ve been trying to do for three records, we’re extremely satisfied and hope everyone else enjoys it too.


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