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Interview: Rival Sons – Michael Miley “We’ve got to put the blues back into rock ‘n’ roll”

Hailed as “Breakthrough Rock Artist of the Year” in 2011 by iTunes, Rival Sons stopped in Glasgow on their sold out UK tour supporting Black Stone Cherry and I had the opportunity to speak with drummer Michael Miley. Read on as we talk about the rerelease of ‘Pressure & Time,’ originally released in 2011 and again in 2012 with a host of bonus material, their new album which will be released this year and reviving rock ‘n’ roll.

Rival Sons – Pressure & Time

EspyRock: This tour has kicked off in the perfect way with ‘Pressure & Time’ re-entering the charts, were you surprised with that news?

Michael Miley: Oh yeah, it’s your dream as a musician to be in the charts and to have your music recognised. I think this tour has helped us a lot to get back in there though. Black Stone Cherry fans appreciate rock ‘n’ roll and I think, for the most part, they have really taken to us.

You’ve been on a few tours were your classic rock style stands out from the southern rock, alternative/gothic rock and heavy metal headliner, so are you always hoping that fans are as open minded and appreciative of classic rock like the fans on this tour have been?

I’m positive that people will always have a broader CD collection than you might think they do. Yeah, a lot of those people you meet will be genre specific fans but the majority who wear Iron Maiden t-shirts and have piercings all over their face will still enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra and pouring a glass of wine with his lady. I think it all comes down to the parents. People who have cool parents will probably have a broader taste in music. On this tour we’ve seen a lot of kids with their parents. My parents took me to concerts so I was exposed to a broad range of music from an early age and that does make a difference.

I was quite surprised to see that you have only been given a thirty minute set and you’re the only support.

I think tonight we actually have forty-five minutes. It’s been sort of half and half over the tour. I don’t think it was a conscious decision, just the way that the venues are working their schedule with the curfew and we’re losing fifteen minutes on different nights. We’re trying to adjust it all right now because we know that Black Stone Cherry have their allotted time but depending on when doors are, we’re trying to make the most out of the time available to us right now.

‘Pressure & Time’ was recently re-released but considering it hasn’t been out for a year yet, was the release just to take advantage of the growing popularity of the band and the new markets you have broken into this year?

I think that may have been a by-product but we wanted to keep the music alive and the main thing about the re-release is in fact the DVD that comes with it. Tons of live footage with a little sort of EPK/documentary on us and the making of ‘Pressure & Time.’ It’s just really cool and I think if you’re a fan then you will definitely appreciate it.

So it will be worth buying a second copy of the album if you have it already.

Yeah it certainly will. If you haven’t seen us live before then the footage on the DVD really helps give you an idea of what we’re about and it shows you that we can pull all of this off in a live setting.

Was the filming of a music video for ‘Face Of Light’ to help promote the release as it came around at the same time or was it just the next single on the album?

Yeah it was just the third single but the timing works well in that respect. We really wanted to do a video for the song and it’s more of a song that features Jay [Buchanan] so we were trying to work out a way to feature him a lot more in this video rather than the whole band.

Is the video just as nice and easy as it seemed from the picture you posted on Facebook?

Yeah we brought this one a little bit back so there is no big stage now or anything crazy that we have to cope with. ‘All Over the Road’ we did on a sound stage and ‘Pressure & Time’ was filmed in twenty three locations which was just crazy [laughs]. So yeah, this one is just going to be very simple with some real beautiful camera shots. It was shot in the Peak District in the UK and it’s really beautiful down there. I think chicks will really dig this video [laughs]. The dudes will be go “hmm, I thought these guys were tough” [laughs].

The big news right now is that you have just finished recording your brand new album. How did it all go considering you went for that quick snapshot style again?

It was really nice. We stayed in Nashville for a month – we’re still so steeped in ‘Pressure & Time’ and the re-release, the single, getting that out to the radio stations, doing the video and doing this tour that we really haven’t even thought about the new album.

So was it just a case of getting it recorded and out of the way while you had the material ready to go?

Basically yeah. Nothing is mixed yet, it is just recorded tracks sitting there waiting for us to go back to.

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