Interview: Scribe and Demonic Resurrection on Inferno 2010

Inferno 2010 was a special event for Indian metal with both Scribe and Demonic Resurrection playing at the Norwegian festival. We caught up with the vocalists of both bands, Vishwesh K of Scribe and Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija of Demonic Resurrection, after they returned from Oslo to find out what their experience was like.

AA: Two Indian bands and one legendary Norwegian festival. How did that work out?!!

VK: How Inferno happened was that Krunk, an alternative booking agency, had invited a few people from a certain Norwegian live concert firm and people from the Embassy to Great Indian Rock 2009 at New Delhi, where Scribe was playing. They saw the gig, and made it a point to come up to us and tell us they loved the band, the music and the performance. And a few months later, Krunk and Scribe went shopping for winterwear!

SM: Demonic Resurrection has been actively working at booking international festivals for the last year or so and we even bagged a slot at Brutal Assault 2009, but due to (drummer) Viru’s visa issues we were unable to go. Husain (Bandukwala, bassist), who handles the bands booking, was in touch with the organisers of Inferno Festival and they had shown some interest. Then, five Norwegian festival promoters came down to Great Indian Rock to look for bands to play at their festivals, so we met Jan-Martin – the godfather of Inferno Festival – and he booked us for the festival.

AA: What was the gig itself like? How did the crowds react to Indian metal?

VK: We were a little apprehensive since the Norwegian audience take their metal very seriously. We were sticking out in their midst like a fist-sized pimple on a forehead. So there we were, wearing our Spongebob and Daffy Duck t-shirts when everyone was dressed in black, leather with incredibly awesome goth accessories and what-not. Niraj (drums) wore yellow, Srinivas (bass) had an orange jacket, Akshay (guitars) had Spiderman laces and I wore a baby Darth Vader t-shirt! We could’ve been ripped to shreds. But very soon, we saw their grim “grrr” metal expressions turn to big wide smiles as they held their beer up in the air. We even got a “Bhenchod Madarchod” (Hindi for “sisterfucker” and “motherfucker”. Such language, tsk tsk – ED) chant going about for a while! The gig was spectacular. We were wedged between Spearhead and Vomitory, both extremely heavy bands which kinda worked for us because we were the ketchup of the night. We got the whole place prancing about in glee, on-stage, off-stage and even back-stage. It just goes to show how infectious fun is and how much fun heavy music is.

SM: We played on the John Dee stage, which is a 400 capacity venue, and when we played it was pretty full. We definitely got a great response – we saw people handbanging, raising the metal horns and yelling and screaming. So it was a good response and it was an amazing gig.

AA: Did you get to meet any of your idols?

VK: Oh yeah. Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Gorgoroth. Um…Demonic Ressurection? (grins). They were keen to know about metal from India and what the future of that appears like. And Demonic Ressurection asked me about the sausage counter during breakfast. I gave them directions to the men’s bathroom.

SM: Husain met Nick Barker, Ihsahn, Hellhammer, Gaahl, Obsidian Claw, Samoth etc. I did meet some of them too, but just mostly said hello and nice to meet you (laughs).

AA: Were the people curious about the Indian metal scene? Did you get asked a lot about that?

VK: Everywhere we went. We also played in a small town a few hours from Oslo, where we met and spoke to so many people who were there only because they couldn’t believe that metal comes out of India. In that club, we had the whole audience on stage as the rest of the members got off and stood on the audience floor. I’ll bet they won’t forget that for a while!

AA: So should we expect to see Scribe and Demonic Resurrection at Inferno 2011 now?

VK: Well, I hope so. Norwegian Beer is to die for! And their pizzas too! Inferno rarely repeats its acts, or so I hear, but you shall certainly see Scribe at more stages – home and away from home. The new album’s out in May. Next stop: Sharing the stage with Lamb of God on 15th May at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru!

SM: I sure as hell hope so! \m/


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  1. Awsome. Its bands like you who make India proud!