Interview: Seether – Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart and John Humphrey

Seether’s last visit to Glasgow came just over three years ago on the 21st January 2009 when they supported Staind on their headline tour and since then the band has been a stranger to our shores. With the release of their latest album, ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray,’ finally making its way onto shelves in the UK, the band returned to support 3 Doors Down on their headline tour and after a support slot in Edinburgh, they performed a one-off headline show in Glasgow the following night.

Before the band took to the stage for their headline performance, they travelled down to the Apple store for a special thirty minute acoustic set and it was there that I sat down with Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart and John Humphrey. Read on as we talk about the exclusive UK edition of their latest album, moving back to a three-piece, music restrictions and their plan to stop recording full albums within the next year or two.

Seether – Tonight

It has been a long time since you have played in the UK and the last time you performed in Glasgow was January 2009 so are you glad to finally have made it back over?

Dale Stewart: Very happy and the show tonight has sold out so that’s a great sign for us. Hopefully tonight the people who supported us back then will still be here and we’ll also have a group of new fans now. It certainly won’t take us as long to come back next time.

I interviewed Chris [Henderson] from 3 Doors Down last year and he broke the news of this tour to me but at the time he wasn’t sure if it would happen. He mentioned how difficult it is to get a big band from the US to come over and support when you’re capable of doing your own headline shows so was there ever a point that you were unsure as to whether or not you would do this tour?

Shaun Morgan: Well we’re going to do our own tour in October/November but this was our chance to come back and play a little first.

Sort of get an idea of what your fan base is again.

Shaun Morgan: Yeah exactly that and it worked out really well with us jumping on with them because they always have a huge UK tour.

How did tonight materialise then with the acoustic show and the headline show later on?

Dale Stewart: We’re not sure [laughs].
Shaun Morgan: Sometimes things just get organised for us.
John Humphrey: They promised us free iPads [laughs].

I was wondering if it was a decision by you to make the Glasgow show as everyone is now crying out for a headline date on your days off while you are here. Usually it is Glasgow that gets missed out and London gets the special shows.

Dale Stewart: That’s why we did it [laughs] but don’t tell anyone else.
Shaun Morgan: [Laughs] We felt sorry for you guys so we thought fuck the rest, let’s go to Glasgow.

The album [Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray] has finally been released over here but what took so long, was it just label issues?

John Humphrey: Pretty much man. Our label was struggling with distribution internationally so that just put a big dent in everything. We’ve been constantly touring the United States for the past ten years so we really, as a band, put our foot down and said that we need to broaden our horizons and get out of the States and play in places that we haven’t played in a long time. We’re constantly receiving Facebook messages and emails from fans all over the world who want to see us in like South America and we haven’t been here in a long time, so it was really a band decision to finally get out there and perform for everyone. It’s just a shame that the problems with the label held us back.

Was there a soft release with a digital album before this or did the focus just stay purely on the US?

Shaun Morgan: I have no idea [laughs].
John Humphrey: I think that it was completely skipped and if it took this tour to finally see it released then so be it, it’s out there now. The fact we finally have it released now is what matters most.

Do you think it was a big risk for yourselves and maybe the label to invest money into the physical package considering that fans will have obtained the album legally or illegally already?

John Humphrey: I think so in a way. Fans wouldn’t have waited this long to get a hold of it so they would have done anything in their power to get a hold of it.
Shaun Morgan: We were basically enabling piracy [laughs].
Dale Stewart: [Laughs] Yeah, even fans who would have loved to have bought it were basically being forced into stealing it. That would have been the only way they got it unless they paid a large shipping fee to bring it over from the States.
Shaun Morgan: This also ties into that whole stupid thing that you can’t watch music videos if you live overseas, how the distribution of music is all tied up.

Yeah like Vevo.

Shaun Morgan: Yeah them. I just don’t understand this full thing because when we do a music video, we’re not doing it for just America, we’re doing it for everybody. People keep saying that all they can see on YouTube is basically the video with lyrics that people have to put together and put online and that they can never see the real video. Making videos is just a waste of our time and money if that’s the case. They offer nothing to us if they are just going to be restricted. I just don’t understand these international restrictions.

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