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Interview: Slam Cartel

London rockers Slam Cartel are due to play Hammerfest in a few weeks time and I had the opportunity to submit some questions to member Terry Warville about the band and their past and future.

For all of our readers who are new to you, can you give us a short description about Slam Cartel and your history?

Slam Cartel are literally six guys with a love of music who have worked hard to write an album, get it produced, mixed and mastered. Nothing has been given to us and we all have to work to pay for this, despite the trial and tribulations of the business of music we all carry on and get along, always doing that is what’s best for the whole. Slam Cartel goes back a little way, It was an idea of Terence Warville (Guitarist). We have gone through a couple of member changes and have now found the right chemistry, and have done for around three years.

Who are the bands main influences for the style of music that you play?

Because there are six of us, the influences are across the board and too many to mention, but we can say that it mainly has a Rock guise, there’s so many different kinds but all seem to have soul and spirit.

You’re due to play Hammerfest this month, how does that rank in the achievements you’ve had with Slam Cartel?

Hammerfest is a show that any good rock band would like to play. It’s one one the main festivals on the calendar now so it ranks pretty high on our list of ones to play, what a great line up, who wouldn’t play it if asked?!

You are currently gearing up to release your new single ‘Wishing Eyes’, why did you choose to release that as a single from your debut album?

We chose ‘Wishing Eye’ as the second single release from the album because we think that it is a great song that keeps you interested all the way through with the light and shade of instruments and thought provoking lyrics. It’s something that people can indentify and connect with, and that’s a good thing, also it’s a good reflection of what we do and are….It really rocks, which helps!!

With the album already out what are your plans for touring the material?

Our plan for touring the album is high on our list, as we have said, Slam Cartel is self-funded, and things take time because of finance and tour costs, but we will get out there, we will do it. We think people think that you can just go out and tour when you want, there’s more to it than that if you are self-funded, so what we do is the next thing next and hope it’s the right choice.

Looking at your profiles many of the members have been in bands previously and have toured with bands like Motorhead and last year you played Sonisphere alongside the likes of Metallica, when/where would you say your most enjoyable moments have been since starting out as musicians?

We think the most enjoyable moments are things like getting asked to play these great shows like Hammerfest and Sonisphere, we expect nothing so when asked we’re very grateful.

Once again looking at your biographies you’ve all been influenced by many different styles of music, so I’m curious; who are you listening to at this moment in time?

Motorhead/Tool/Pink Floyd/Sex Pistols/Led Zeppelin/Metal/Rock/Punk!

With the music scene having stagnated a bit during the 90’s/early 00’s what are your thoughts on the scene nowadays, especially the British music scene?

Our thoughts on the music scene is yes, it’s got a bit tired and the record companies are now running scared with no money to help bands develop and progress. It’s a difficult one if your passion is to play live and you have talent and a love for music in your heart, this is why we are doing it ourselves, there’s no one to wait for and we make our own choices.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?

That depends on which one of us you ask, so we think the best thing to do would be to go on the biggest tour where we could connect with the most people.

Is there any new material from Slam Cartel due to be released in the near future?

We are working on new material yes, and what we are doing sounds great, we are quite busy getting our debut album ‘Handful of Dream’ out there at the moment though.

If so, is there any information that you would be able to give us?

Every time we release a single it gets picked up by the many rock radio stations across the world, so we must be doing something right, Planet Rock have been kind to us to, the first single ‘Sundown’ was ‘A’ play listed for eleven weeks, ‘Wishing Eye’ our new single is currently on the play list now.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

Finally, if you want to check us out, just Google Slam Cartel, you’ll find plenty on there and can listen to what we sound like on many sites…….SC

You can purchase Slam Cartel’s debut album ‘Handful of Dreams’ Worldwide from all the usual outlets! They will also play stage 2 at Hammerfest this year at 19.55 on Friday 16th March


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