Interview: Texas Hippie Coalition

Upon first glance of the Texas Hippie Coalition, one may come to the conclusion that they are an intimidating group that lives up to the cliché of their nickname “band of outlaws.” However, looking a little closer at lead vocalist Big Dad Ritch, bassist John Exall, guitarists Randy Cooper and Crawfish, and drummer Ryan Bennett; it’s hard to ignore that they are indeed much more than meets the eye. They are a loyal and talented “band of brothers” who consider themselves just as much family as they are band mates.

Recently with the announcement of their latest album ‘Rollin’ I was able to submit some questions, similar to those of other bands who we are just being introduced to, in order to find out a little more about the band.

If you could, could you give us just a little back story on the band?

We come from the red river valley representing the dirty south. We ride bulls and we eat steak.

Is there a significant story or meaning to the band’s name?

I (Big Dad Ritch) was raised as a hippy, was born in Texas, and I’m just paying homage to my hippy parents and a little plant that we call a weed.

You are also referred to as a “band of outlaws” and a lot of people comment that you are intimating looking guys due to your size and the power in your music. Do you think the fact people have that idea, when they first come across you, helps you make your impression as a heavy powerful band and give them an impression they won’t ever forget.

We want people to see us as the outlaw cowboys of the big screen westerns. I ain’t tryin’ to be the Undertaker (WWE) but I can whoop the Undertakers ass!

Do you feel there is a void for your music and was that the direction you aimed to take?

Five Years ago, I knew there was an appetite for this kind of music, a couple of years ago, I felt there was a hunger, and now I feel like people are starving for it, and THC is gonna feed them Southern Fried Texas Metal.

What I like about your sound is the real southern rock feel that comes through and how well the band merges that sound with the metal. Are these the main genres that influence the band or is there a lot more you inject into your music? Which bands/artists influence you?

Main influences are Johnny Cash, Waylon and Willy, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, .38 Special, the south is rising again brotha, and THC is carrying the flag.

What can you tell us about the new album ‘Rollin’; if you had to sell the album, its sound, to those who are new about your band what would you say?

It’s a rodeo baby; it’s a bull you cannot ride.

When writing the album who works on each section of the music? Does someone do the lyrics and create rough demos to bring to the band or do you all work collectively.

We all write collectively, all lyrics and arrangements by Big Dad Ritch.

Are there any specific themes you covered on the album or stories that you looked to tell through the lyrics?

Being that we play red dirt metal, and red dirt is all about telling a story, a lot of our songs are themed and plot driven, Saddle Sore for example, being an outlaw and running from the law.

What was the experience of working with David Prater who has a great reputation for the work he has done?

Working with David Prater is like working with a juggling clown act, only when you finish working with him do you realize that he’s not a juggling clown, that he is actually an amazing magician working his magic.

What are the favourite songs among the band on the album?

Intervention, Flawed, Back From Hell, Groupie Girl, Rollin, Jesus Freak, Beg, Pissed Off and Mad About It, Cocked and Loaded, and Saddle Sore…

I read Big Dad Ritch stating that if you hadn’t heard of the band before, you will now. Is this the album you know will bring you the deserved attention for all your hard work?

I believe that the last album turned heads and this album stops traffic.

You are touring for the rest of this month and with dates in August too, are you already planning more tour dates in support of the album?

Right now, we are locked down for heavy touring all the way through to the holidays.

How would you describe a typical Texas Hippie Coalition gig?

Take NASCAR, WWE, UFC, Hockey, and Football, whiskey and a pinch of THC and this is the recipe for red dirt metal!

The band has been around for 5-6 years now so do you have any highlights to your career so far?

Touring with Nazareth, (Big Dad Ritch) I always wanted to grow up and be a professional wrestler and enter the ring to the song “Hair of the Dog”, it was a goal and a dream come true to tour with Dan McCafferty, whom I idolize. And let me say this, now you’re messin with a son of a bitch!

Thanks very much for taking time to answer these questions, appreciate your time. If you have anything else you wish to add to your fans and newcomers, please feel free to add as much information below as you wish.

We come from Texas, they call us the hippies, and our fans are the Coalition and the Coalition is growing like a weed.


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