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Interview: The Amity Affliction – Joel Birch and Troy Brady

After just signing a record deal with Roadrunner Records, Australia’s new hardcore heroes The Amity Affliction dropped into the UK to support former Roadrunner boys Funeral For A Friend on their headline tour.

For the third year in a row The Amity Affliction have been touring the UK in order to win over fans and with the support of a new label behind them and a new album expected in 2012, it may not be long until they are making their mark. Read on over the next two pages as I talk to vocalist Joel Birch and guitarist Troy Brady about their long road to signing with Roadrunner Records, the digital re-release of ‘Youngbloods’, how they are being received in the UK and working with Machine.


EspyRock: How are you?

Joel Birch: I’m doing good man, just trying to process how I am going to jump around on stage tonight as it is a tight fit, a really tight fit.

Yeah I was talking to one of the guys who will be overseeing tonight at a another gig a few nights ago and he was stating that he would be forcing you all to use the same drum set and that if you were not prepared for a ten minute turnaround then you would be left on your own as they will be too busy trying to manage something else.

Joel Birch: Well the last nights gig was drum set in front of drum set, in front of drum set and it was just fucking ridiculous man but you have to do what you have to do.

How have you found the reception to your music in the UK? I know back in Australia you are now well-established and selling out almost every night on your tours but as this is your third year in a row back here, have you managed to break the UK without label support?

Joel Birch: Yeah back in Australia it is great, we brought Asking Alexandria over for a tour and we sold out every night apart from one but it wasn’t far off it. Then we come to the UK [laughs], what a reality check this is. It helps up though, we know we can’t afford to rest on our laurels so to speak and that we must keep pushing for more.

Do you see any fans singing lyrics back?

Joel Birch: In London yes but not so much in the rest of the UK. There is no doubt that people are having fun when we are playing, so that is a step in the right direction. We have that one tick off, now for the rest of you.

Were you prepared in any shape or form for the success you received back home because it was just like an explosion and you were continually getting bigger and bigger.

Joel Birch: No way, not sure if it has sunk in yet. It got to a point when we were drinking far too much and then playing shows and we knew we had to then cut back. We decided to stop drinking as much, not completely of course, and focus on putting on a better show and here we are now. We just drink more after the show to compensate [laughs].

The big news right now is that you have signed to Roadrunner Records.

Joel Birch: Yeah, it was a long road.

How long ago did they show interest in the band?

Joel Birch: It was about a year ago, maybe more than a year.

Did it feel like a long drawn out process?

Joel Birch: There was a lot of going back and forth with them. We don’t like to rush into anything and we took our time to go over the deal. Hold on I’ll get Troy [Brady, guitarist] over for this bit.

At the time of the Roadrunner interest were you shopping for a label or did they just out to you and want to offer you a deal?

Troy Brady: No, I don’t think we were at all no.
Joel Birch: I thought we were.
Troy Brady: That might be all I have for you if we were and I can’t remember. What band am I again [laughs]? We’ve been going over this Roadrunner deal for a while now and it just took a while to really get everything solidified. Am I done now, can I go get food now [laughs]?
Joel Birch: [Laughs] Hopeless.

What made you decide to sign with Roadrunner then? Did they offer you more than the rest or did the fact it was Roadrunner Records just swing the deal a little bit?

Joel Birch: They definitely did not offer us more initially.
Troy Brady: It’s a different label for a band like us which may have altered their way of thinking regarding what they should offer us. There are many other labels who suit our style like Rise Records and a few others, some of them were interested in us, but I don’t know, something about signing to a label who’s roster was different appealed to me. We would stand out amongst the crowd of those bands as we offer something different.
Joel Birch: One label worldwide is much easier than three or four different ones, especially when it comes to dealing with the business side of things.

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