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Interview: The Chariot – Josh Scogin

Was that why you chose to go acoustic because of the challenges it offered you or was it just the natural choice?

Yeah it was more natural than anything else. I listen to a lot of music. When I’m driving I’ll usually listen to Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash, some real chilled kind of stuff but at the same time I still love heavy music. I could never write something that I don’t feel so that’s why acoustic felt natural to me, I can connect with it. I could never write a true pop song although I’m actually producing this girl, her name is Karina Mia and she’s great, she is sort of a Fiona Apple type of feel and that’s in the pop world but it’s still something that I can latch onto as an artist and I love that stuff. So as long as I’m into it artistically, then I feel it can come out naturally and with the acoustic stuff it is very much like that. It wasn’t like I decided I want to do it just for the sake of doing it, this is just what I loved also to hardcore. To be able to just have the time and go for it was a challenge that I loved.

Are there other styles of music that you feel a link to that you may feel tempted to attempt at some point?

There are probably a different couple of things. I’m actually working on something with a friend of mine which is more of a White Stripes type of thing, just a little more rock. There are another couple of genres out there that I’m into but I don’t really think about them as ever being a project. The Chariot is my passion, that’s where my focus and passion will always lie, with that type of music. With the acoustic stuff, that is just what I love to listen to and people like Johnny Cash influenced my whole life, but it was all about me finding another genre of music that I felt the same sort of passion for but without all the guitars and intensity that came with it. I don’t want to think of it as I’m just trying to pick genres to do something with, I want to expand myself an artist so the more I open myself up to and the more I connect with, the better the music I have a true passion for will be. I’d actually love to get into movie and film and that sort of stuff. It’s funny because we’re actually all talking about it on this tour.

Josh ScoginEven funnier I have a question which follows and I’m moving in that direction.

[Laughs] Silly stuff happens to us all of the time so we’ve been saying to each other that we should really put this all into a show or something [laughs]. I’ll wait until you get to that question in case I completely ruin it [laughs].


Are you planning to release another solo album and tour again?

Yes. It is very slow going because it is just a side thing but I’ve done tours already and I do plan to do some more. I’m actually in the middle of writing, well I’m always writing, but right now I have around half an album ready so I’m debating whether to release an EP because of how long it takes to get these things together or should I just wait and release a full album. So I’m not sure exactly what it looks like but I am right there in the middle of having something put together for a second album eventually.

I came across an interview in which you mentioned you keep a dream journal. When did you start that?

We did an art project in high school with a teacher of mine, Ms Chambers. She has been thanked in every album we’ve done and anything I’ve been a part of because she helped shape my life as far as being an artist goes. For one month we had to write down every dream we had whether it was boring or dumb or whatever, even if you only remembered bits and pieces, you had to write them down. At the end of the month we then had to portray it by either painting it or drawing it or whatever medium we felt best described it and although I think dreams can be completely random, there are other times I think they hold a lot of meaning and something must have been going on for me to think about this. So I enjoyed doing this so much that I began to take it very seriously and started to write them all down. I actually have it with me on the bus right now, in my bunk so that if I wake up I can write it down. If I had it here or in the changing rooms I would have let you see it but I don’t know what it is going to be or what.

Well that’s sort of where my question was going to be going when you started to talk about scripts and such. Have you used any of the dreams as inspiration for songs or videos and such?

On the first record [Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding] there is a song called ‘Yellow Dress: Locked Knees’ and in the dream I was walking around telling everyone that I have the best song title and when they asked what it was I told them ‘Yellow Dress: Locked Knees.’ In the dream it was phenomenal, we were all losing our minds [laughs] but when I woke up I just couldn’t think what the hell it meant but I had it wrote down anyway. Then it came to naming that song and we have a restaurant in the [United] States called Waffle House and they don’t anymore but they used to wear these yellow aprons so I linked the yellow dress to the yellow apron and locked knees is just someone firmly planted standing. So the lyrics kind of revolved around that a little bit and I named a song after that on our first record purely based on a dream that I had and I have no idea what – even in the dream I don’t know what it meant, I just had the name and everyone loved it in the dream so I thought it would be pretty funny for our own inside humour to have that. There are plenty of times were things like that have come up [laughs].

The Chariot – Yellow Dress: Locked Knees

The way I was thinking about it last night was that even if the material was never taken forward to be used in music, it would make for an interesting read, especially for fans if you were to publish a book or actually use them in scripts for whatever purpose.

I’m kind of in the middle of doing some of that stuff too with more focus on explaining some of the lyrics that we have. It is all kind of slow moving because we’re so busy at the moment but I am in the middle of trying to put together a book to publish.

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