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Get ready to meet The Maine again for the first time. Readers in the US may already know them as the band who blazed out of Phoenix, Arizona, two years ago with their Fearless Records breakthrough album ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, which instantly established them as one of the most exciting young rock acts around. You probably also realise that tours with a diverse roster of artists such as Boys Like Girls, All Time Low and 3OH!3 as well as a slot co-headlining last year’s Alternative Press Tour quickly followed and each step forward forced this group of teenagers to grow up quickly in the face of success. However few people would be able to anticipate how effectively the band would be able to harness that maturity on their sophomore full-length release and major label debut ‘Black & White’. You can order your copy of their new album from iTunes.

I had the chance back in June to put some questions to the band which Kennedy Brock (guitar and vocals) took some time to answer and send back.

I haven’t known the band for long as I live in Scotland but it really does seem like you exploded in the US with your debut album ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’. What has the last two years been like for everyone involved with the growing popularity and fame?

It has been a crazy experience, with no dull moments! We have had a great time working hard and benefiting from our efforts!

What lessons, as a band, have you learned since your debut with regards to all aspects from creating music, touring and in general being a band?

We have really learned to stay true to ourselves and not be affected by what others are saying or doing.

Before you started to write the album, was there a clear direction that you all wished to take this album after ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’?

We learned a lot recording CSWS, and narrowed down a sound that we wanted to have on record number two.

Were there any direct areas of your music that you wished to focus on with ‘Black & White’ when you began to write the album? I have read Pat mentioning song writing as one point.

We definitely wanted to work on our song writing, i think we were just trying to better ourselves in general. We feel very proud of our growth on this record!

You worked with Howard Benson on ‘Black & White’. What was it like stepping into the studio with such an experienced and better yet, Grammy nominated producer?

It was a little nerve-racking, but overall it was incredible to work with such an efficient team! Howard and his crew were on point and very easy to work with.

When the last note was played and after the mixing and mastering, what were your first thoughts when listening to it back? Did it turn out just as how you wanted it?

I was overwhelmed when we finally listened to the final mixes, this record is something for us to be proud of, and no matter what I will always have this to look back on!

How would you describe ‘Black & White’ to fans and new listeners alike as a way to get them ready and excited for the album?

This album is our way of finding colour in a Black and White world.

Two songs are currently streaming on MySpace, ‘Inside Of You’ and ‘Growing Up’. What can you tell us about those songs?

They are my two favourite songs on the record. “Inside Of You” was the first song written for this record. “Growing Up” is the only song we have with a tempo change.

How do the other songs on the album compare to the two that are streaming?

They are all equals!

The limited edition of the album is a little different from what you would usually find from other bands but unique and certainly a special edition for fans to get a hold of. What ideas came together to offer this as the package?

We really wanted to give our fans something they would want to hold on to. It’s all about quality content, and lots of it!

You’re about to head out on your first ever headlining tour in July so what is the feeling like throughout the band, excitement or are there any nerves?

We are very excited, this tour has our best friends on it, and we plan on having one of the best times of our lives!

This Century are supporting the full tour. Are they a band that you know personally or a fan of their music?

Both, the TC guys are great people and even better musicians, I cannot wait to hang out and watch their set every night.

It sounds like a great night, 90 minute set followed by a meet and greet with fans, special guests, giveaways and more. Are you looking forward to having the opportunity every night to interact on a personal level with your fans?

We love interacting with our fans, and we want them to know how much we appreciate their support. We want anyone who comes to the show to feel like they are a part of this band!

The support for the band is incredible and can easily be seen online so is there anything you would like to say for the fans who have supported you during the first few years to get you where you are now?

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, we couldn’t do any of this without you!


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