Interview: Throw The Fight

EspyRock recently conducted another interview with the guys in Throw The Fight. Read it below:

First of all, How are you guys?

Doing well and staying busy!

With a new lineup, how has the aura within the band changed?

Everyone’s head is in the right place now and we are more focused than ever.

Also, with the new members all being from different musical backgrounds will that change the bands style?

The band’s style and direction are still the same. Everyone is coming from metal and hard rock backgrounds, so we’re all on the same page.

Ryan and Jeff: Has working with your brother been difficult or changed the way you look at family?

Jeff and I have been jamming together since we were kids so the transition was pretty easy, actually. It’s cool to have my bro in the band.

I noticed a while ago that TTF were trying to get onto Warped Tour? Did that work out for you guys?

It did not. We’ve been lucky enough to be a part of it in the past. But there are a ton of bands out there competing for a limited number of spots. Sadly, it wasn’t our year for Warped Tour this time around.

As our readers are from all over the planet, is their anything you want to say to them?

Thanks for the support and we hope to see you guys soon!

With the new album in the pipeline, what can fans seeing you over this summer expect to see?

They can expect to see us testing out a lot of new material. Now that we have 3 guitarists in the band, there is a lot more depth musically to the live show, as well.

I also noticed that your dates are quite widespread this time in terms of distance, does this mean that TTF’s popularity is growing at a decent rate?

It’s always growing. The great thing about the Internet is that someone new can discover the band every day. The reason that we had a lineup change was because some of the old members couldn’t commit to keep on touring. So all the shows we have now are a direct reflection of that change. We are touring more than ever now and couldn’t be happier about it!

Having toured with some big names in the past, who would be your dream tour partners? (Either to support or have supporting you)

Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Story of the Year, Finch, etc. All those bands had a big influence on us so it would be really cool to do dates with those groups at some point in time.

What are TTF’s plans for the next year? Global Domination?

You said it right there!

Is their any exclusive TTF news that you could give to EspyRock?

Our new single, ‘Bloodshot Eyes,’ is available digitally July 20 from Itunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, and more

And finally is their anything you’d like to add for our readers at EspyRock?

Thanks for all the support over the years. It means a lot to us and helps keep the machine going.

If you’re in the US, catch Throw The Fight on tour with Across The Sun this summer and be sure to pick up the new single ‘Bloodshot Eyes’

Throw The Fight w/ Across The Sun
July 23 Maplewood, MN – The Rock Nightclub
July 24 Rochester, MN – Midwest Skate Park
July 25 Iowa City, IA – The Blue Moose
July 27 Madison, WI – The Annex
July 28 Barrington, IL – Penny Road Pub
July 29 Warren, MI – The Ritz Concert Venue
August 1 Brooklyn, NY – Europa
August 3 Woodbridge, CT – The Amity Teen Center
August 5 Baltimore, MD – The Bourbon Street Ballroom
August 6 Hartford, CT – Webster Theater (Transmission Fest)
August 7 Worcester, MA – The Palladium (Transmission Fest)
August 8 Holyoke, MA – The Waterfront Tavern
August 10 Lemoyne, PA – The Championship
August 11 Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose
August 13 Hartford, WI – Hartford Town Hall
August 14 Hager City, WI – The Woodshed
August 15 Mankato, MN – The What’s Up Lounge

Throw The Fight w/ locals TBA
Sept 4 Diagonal, IA – Boyer’s Bar
Sept 7 Duluth, MN – University of Minnesota – Duluth
Sept 25 Decorah, IA – Recessionfest Music Festival


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