Signal Hill – End Of The Year Interview

The amazing instrumental post-rockers Signal Hill are our fourth and final (?) installment in our End Of The Year interview series.

If you have read our other interviews then you will be familiar with our questions, such as; Their highlights of this past year, the band’s plans for next year (new EP and a tour) & last but not least; What is on their Christmas dinner menu?

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Question time…

How was the year 2009 for you?

This year was a very productive year for us! A few highlights include: Brian having a baby girl (Lauren) in February, finishing up our first full length album, and touring Australia this summer (their winter)!. At the tail end of the summer we went back to the studio to begin tracking a new EP!

Rishi moved to Scotland and Tim got to do some European travels for about 5 weeks at the end of summer. Once Tim came back, three of us got together to rehearse ideas that Dave and Rishi were working on via the internet. The year is ending now with Rishi being back for the holidays, and finishing up the songs for an EP for early 2010!

2010; What plans and high hopes do you have in store for next year?

2010 will definitely bring a new EP and hopefully some touring!

What was your Musical Discovery of the year?

Brian: While touring in Australia we played and got to discover some great bands such as > All India Radio, Panzer Queen, Radiant City, Art and Craft and Sleep Makes Waves.

Tim: – I was a little late to the party on some of these but really got into some folkier acts like Midlake, Iron and Wine and Ray Lamontagne, then also got turned on to some great Aussie acts, to that Brian mentioned. I got turned onto the Charles Lloyd Quartet from LA after seeing them at the Disney Concert Hall here, and also got turned onto a classical composer, Isaac Albeñiz while at “classical meets jazz” night in a little jazz club in Prague. There is a young composer/musician named Nico Muhly that is doing some amazingly creative sonic experiments, ala Steve Reich that’s got my interest, too.

Rishi: Model Photographer (the Model Photographer LP); Algernon Cadwallader (Some Kind of Cadwallader)

Are there any bands/artists or albums that you have high hopes and are particularly excited about in 2010?

Tim: praying for another release by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Rishi: This Town Needs Guns

If you had to pick one Experience and put it above the rest, what would that be?

Dave: Finishing the album and having our record release party with good friends Beware of Safety and Timonium. To finally have the album finished and the sense of accomplishment and pride was definitely a great experience!

Brian: Signal Hill making it out to Australia, completing a full length album then jumping into the studio for a new EP

Tim: Aside from the accomplishment of the album, which is indescribably heavy, the feeling – not the album ; ) I would say being in Australia with a couple best friends. Just before our second show in Melbourne we loaded gear into the recording studio area of Renee’s Lingerie Factory, the artist commune where we played, and ran into some young chaps from New Zealand in a band named Mask of Demetrius who were recording there and chatted it up with them while they were breaking for a minute. We had an awesome laugh, shared some beer and other delectables and founded the musical genre of “Tug Rock”. These three guys were hilarious and so before we left to grab food before the show we gave them each a Signal Hill T-shirt to say thanks for the good time and so they could represent. We left to get some more tasty Aussie brews and some dinner and upon return folks were filling the place up pretty good and then we saw the three guys walking out with their gear with their newly acquired t-shirts on over their sweaters wearing them proudly. We were cracking up and so stoked they would put them on right then and there. They said “What else are the for? Of course, we’re gonna wear them!” Such an awesome time in just a few short hours, not to mention one of my favorite shows of my life that followed just after.

Rishi: Releasing More After We’re Gone with Signal Hill; Playing 3 shows in Australia with Signal Hill; Moving to Scotland in September

Your Album Of The Year?

Dave: Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career, Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue, The Mercury Program – Chez Viking, Iron and Wine – Around The Well

Brian: All India Radio – A low High, Grand Archives – Keep in Mind Frankenstein , The Mercury Program – Chez Viking

Tim: All India Radio, Mercury Program

Rishi: Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue; Systems Officer – Underslept; Algernon Cadwallader – Some Kind of Cadwallader; Colour – Anthology; Owen – New Leaves

Your Song Of The Year?

Dave: Some of my favorites from this year are: The Mercury Program – Departed/Arrived, Rajiv Patel – Full Count Dracula, Owen – Good Friends, Bad Habits

Brian: Stand up and Sing by the Mercury Program

Rishi: Bibio – Haikuesque (When She Laughs); Systems Officer – Deyos (Secret Track); Three Mile Pilot – Planets; Bibio – Fire Ant; Owen – Good Friends, Bad Habits

Your Book Of The Year?

Tim: 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, Sitting In by Hayden Carruth

Your Movie Of The Year?

Dave: The Hangover, Funny People, Away We Go

Brian: The Hangover, The Great Buck Howard, Food inc.

Tim: The Hurt Locker, Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer, Shrink, Moon.

Your story of the year. Experienced something amazing, crazy, warm and fuzzy, special this year?

Brian: Train ride between Melbourne and Sydney – unspeakable beauty

Do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple of months?

(TheMusicMan81: None yet.. Keep checking back, both for the new release and upcoming shows!)

And finally as Christmas are sneaking up on us. What will be on your Christmas Dinner Menu?

Brian: Whatever my dad is making, like prime rib and I’m not talking Lawry’s.

Tim: my Christmas is again in Austin, TX, and being the one vegetarian in the family, I get special culinary treatment, not like I am important, but more like I’m retarded. So, we’ll see what I can eat unless I cook for myself.

Rishi: Tamales

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Signal Hill – A Secret Society (Live)

Signal Hill – This New Year’s Absence

Signal Hill – Standby, Sir

Some of the guys Favourite songs of the year:

The Mercury Program – Arrived/Departed

Rajiv Patel – Full Count Dracula

Owen – Good Friends, Bad Habits

Bibio – Haikuesque (When She Laughs)

Bibio – Fire Ant

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