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Sonisphere UK 2011 Interview: Rise To Remain – Pat Lundy and Will Homer

Rise To Remain are a five-piece London based metalcore band, formed in early 2006 under the name “Halide”, and changing to “Rise To Remain” in 2008. The band have made appearances at Download Festival, Sonisphere Festival and have extensively toured the UK, as support act and a headline act.

The band have released three EP’s, the majority of which have been “viral” releases, via their MySpace. The band have been praised by magazines, such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang!, with the former releasing a scaled-down version of their first nationwide-release EP, “Bridges Will Burn”, which was recorded by Dan Weller and Justin Hill of the production team WellerHill in late 2009.

They have received radio play through the likes of BBC Radio One, X.FM and Total Rock, as well as having their debut music video regularly rotated on Scuzz and Kerrang! TV. Most recently, the band was voted “Best New Band” at the Metal Hammer “Golden God Awards”, an award decided by 400,000 votes across the globe, and the Kerrang! Award for “Best British Newcomer”.

The band are now preparing for the release of ‘City Of Vultures’, their debut album which will hit stores on 5th September and recently at Sonisphere UK, I had the chance to chat to drummer Pat Lundy and guitarist Will Homer for five minutes about their new album, signing to EMI Records and touring.

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Power Through Fear

How are you guys doing?

Will Homer: Pretty good man
Pat Lundy: Wicked man

Your performing later tonight…

Pat Lundy: Yes we are

Looking forward to getting out there?

Will Homer: I think so

You think so? [laughs]

Pat Lundy: [Laughs]
Will Homer: [Laughs]
Pat Lundy: This is our third time at Knebworth and this is our most intimate Sonisphere experience but hopefully that will make it the best so my fingers are crossed for this one.
Will Homer: We have a longer stage time as well so we will be able to give as much as we can.

Have you been able to catch any of the bands so far?

Will Homer: No, we literally fell out of the van and into the press area [laughs]

Rise To Remain City Of Vultures ArtworkObviously the major point for the band right now which we want to talk about is the new album, ‘City Of Vultures’, which comes out later this year. You’ve been touring the EP extremely hard so you glad now you can finally tour on the album and build your tour around that instead of the EP?

Will Homer: Definitely.
Pat Lundy: Yeah, I mean sitting on an album that you’ve been really excited about for the last two years and just that constant wait; we’re just ticking off the days now man and we’re going to be so stoked when it hits. Hopefully it will be received as well as we’re hoping it.

Has the album been together for that long?

Will Homer: We’ve had it written since around the summer of last year then we finished recording in late November and it has been mastered and ready to go since January and we’ve just been sitting on it since then; driving us fucking nuts! [laughs]

Are you feeling that little bit of extra pressure now that Kerrang and Metal Hammer both tipped you as bands to watch and with all the early success you had on the EP?

Pat Lundy: There is loads of pressure that comes with our band I guess for obvious reasons and the tour cycles we’ve been doing, as its pretty heavy for a band who has an EP out. It’s all about taking any negativity that you get and channelling it into positive energy and using that to benefit your band and the people in your band as it’s all about helping each other out, so you need to bring that in and use it to help you. We’ve paid a lot of dues and now we’re doing our first headlining tour which will be like our first test or statement to the people in terms of what we’re able to do. No-one can gauge a band that has been on a million and one support slots and as cool as it is, we’re ready for the work now, we’re up for it.

You’ve paid your dues as you said and one of the big rewards you received was the contract from EMI.

Will Homer: It was just a dream come true really. I don’t think any of us thought that we would sign to a major [label] really, as we were always looking at indie labels and thinking ‘aw yeah it would really cool to be signed to an indie label’ then EMI said ‘yeah we’re quite interested in you’ and we all dropped our jaws [laughs]. Then we just had to wait until we could find a printer to print out the damn contracts and it took us about a month to find that printer.
Pat Lundy: It was one of those things like ‘really, is this happening?’ A number of us had been on small indie labels in the past and I remember the first time you sign and put your name to anything contractual in the music industry it’s so exciting. You’re beside yourself with joy; it’s an unreal thing to do man and EMI definitely blew our minds.

I want to ask about the name ‘City Of Vultures’, especially with the artwork so how did it come around to that being the chosen title?

Will Homer: It’s kind of a blunt statement that goes along with the lyrical content as quite a lot of Austin’s lyrics he wrote from looking at the world around him. He saw there was a lot of backstabbing going on with people looking to succeed no matter what it takes and he, in his mind, envisioned that into lyrical content which tells a story of everything around him, being a ‘City Of Vultures’. The artwork is a pretty blunt statement of a vulture who is eating another vulture, nice and graphic [laughs], sort of puts it across quite nicely.

You mentioned the headline tour later this year Pat and you have been on a lot of diverse tours, the one I saw you on was with Funeral For A Friend in Glasgow. What would you say your best tour has been or the best opportunity you have had?

Pat Lundy: For me I would probably say Hatebreed was one of my favourite tours to say that I have done. I grew up listening to that [sort of music] as I was a big hardcore kid and I think for me, it wasn’t the biggest tour by any means, that was the most real one for me in terms of experiences. A lot of those shows we got booed and it made me feel for the first time that it’s fucking tough being in an up and coming in the UK. The scene is buzzing all the time with so many new bands coming out and it made me realise you have to step up your game and taking it fucking seriously man because they [bands] are getting younger and younger now and bands are killing it now at silly ages. You have to watch your back now.

Rise To Remain Band PictureWrap up now with the question I’m asking all of the bands across the weekend. If you could go back to when you first started out in music, with the knowledge you have now gained about the industry and touring and give yourself one piece of advice, what would you give yourself?

Pat Lundy: Oh that is a tricky one.
Will Homer: Don’t go to strip clubs.
Pat Lundy: [Laughs] Yeah that’s a good one for Will.
Will Homer: [Laughs]
Pat Lundy: I don’t know, for me it would probably be…
Will Homer: Oh man I don’t know
Pat Lundy: Do you know what mate, eat healthy on tour man as that absolutely ruins my life when I’m on day seven and I feel like MC Diabetes and it just isn’t funny. You have to look after yourself on tour and we’ve all kind of learnt in our own hard little way that eating healthy is essential. So yeah that would be my little bit of advice I would send back in time I guess.
Will Homer: Sleep more, that’s a good one, never enough sleep in the day.
Pat Lundy: There is a lot of waiting around but never any sleep.


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