12 Stones announce new album Beneath The Scars, album preview inside

12 Stones have announced that they will release their brand new album ‘Beneath The Scars’ on the 22nd May. The album was previously titled ‘Only Human’ and had been scheduled for release in August 2011 and September 2011 before being pushed back to March 2012.

The band released an ‘Only Human’ album preview in August 2011 which features all of the songs on the album apart from the new track ‘For The Night.’ You can listen to the album preview below as well three full songs from the album.

Album Preview

Infected – lyric video

Worlds Collide – lyric video

Bulletproof – lyric video

Track listing:
1. Infected
2. Bulletproof
3. For The Night
4. Worlds Collide
5. That Changes Everything
6. The One Thing
7. Blind
8. I’m With You
9. Bury Me
10. Psycho
11. Only Human
12. Someone Like You
13. Shine On Me
14. Pretty Poison

12 Stones Beneath The Scars Artwork


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2 Responses to “12 Stones announce new album Beneath The Scars, album preview inside”

  1. first why the title change and second why did they push the date to may 22 and finally 14 tracks Is long I hope its worth the extended wait

  2. Can only think that they would have changed the title because they felt it was dated. I preferred ‘Only Human’ to what they have now. The artwork to accompany the album doesn’t really strike a chord either, a ten minute Photoshop tutorial and that’s all they can be bothered with.

    I’m surprised that the track listing remained the same except they added one new song. With all the push backs I was expecting them to eventually scrap this album and do something completely new because it was never going be released.

    Will be interesting to see how long they promote this for before they get back into the studio and do fresh material.