2010 to mark the last ever Ozzfest?

Vince Neil has revealed that Ozzfest 2010 could possibly be the last ever making way for Crüe Fest to take over. In his interview with Billboard he states:

“We haven’t played together with (Ozzy Osbourne) since ’84,” Neil notes. “Times were different back then, but it’s gonna be great to be back with him. We have Crüe Fest, and I’m kind of hearing that after this Ozzy’s going to step aside and there’ll just be Crüe Fest from now on, which is kind of cool. That would be a great honor from Ozzy if it happens.”

Neil says there will definitely be a third Crüe Fest in 2011 as the group celebrates its 30th anniversary; other potential activities will be discussed during the summer, he adds.


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