3 Doors Down to tour UK in 2012 with Seether, explain album delay

During an interview with EspyRock, 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson stated that the band will be back in February 2012 as part of a full European and UK tour and they are currently working to bring Seether along as their support. Chris also explained why the band’s new album was delayed by a full month with the simple answer.

EspyRock: It would be pretty easy to say that you also believe the only way to make money now is touring?

Chris Henderson: It’s the only way, the only fucking way; downloading has killed it. We make a little money on publishing and like sponsorships and merchandise if people buy our t-shirts but touring, on the fucking road, playing shows, that’s how you fucking do it like it or not. We love touring and we do a lot of fucking shows and we’re here now and the record was supposed to be out.

EspyRock: Yeah that is one of the questions I wanted to ask you about was the big delay.

Chris Henderson: Foo Fighters.

EspyRock: [Laughs] Simple and very understandable answer. No matter how big 3 Doors Down are, Foo Fighters do have some considerable edge.

Chris Henderson: [Laughs] That’s what I think anyway. When we heard the new Foo Fighters record was coming out we all thought “well that’s just wait a little bit, let’s just let that come and do what it’s going to do then we’ll come out behind that.” Hopefully you know Ricky Martin or someone like Lady Gaga won’t release a new record because acts like that man, fuck, they still sell some records you know and that’s good. But yeah that’s why we delayed it and this tour was already booked so we’re like ah fuck it, let’s just go, see some people, play some shows, get warmed back up for Europe again as we’re coming back in February.

EspyRock: So will that be a good proper headline tour throughout the Europe and UK?

Chris Henderson: Yeah a proper tour and hopefully, hopefully I don’t jinx it, we’re trying to come back with Seether which would be fucking great!

EspyRock: They actually announced on Twitter they were in the process of working on some UK tour dates so now we know what is going on.

Chris Henderson: Hopefully, hopefully. We’re negotiating to try make it work and they’re a big band and it’s hard to get a big band to come to the table as they want to do their own thing.

EspyRock: Would be a massive tour and you may need somewhere a little bigger than here as the demand for Seether is pretty big over here so if you can sell out this venue then it will be packed. If that doesn’t work out then you mentioned Three Days Grace earlier on, a band with a massive UK presence but need the right tour to bring them over to the UK and Europe but with Seether that will be a great gig.

Chris Henderson: Seether are great live too.


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