Accept take down Twitter

If you are a Twitter user, then likely you will have read or used the latest Twitter exploit which forced people to follow you on Twitter but what you may have not known is that it’s all down to the band Accept.

A Turkish fan of the band, like many fans of any band, decided to tell his followers of his love for their music by entering “Accept pwns”. As soon as he entered this, he found that his tweet didn’t appear on screen but found he had a new follower, a user called “pwns”.

He then decided to try it again using another profiles name (without the “@” as this would reply to the user) and found that once again it worked. He then told his girlfriend who both started to make celebrities follow them and a host of other people.

He went on to create a blog post which as soon as it was discovered, and I am sure with some tweeting to tell everyone of his find, the news spread and soon everyone was doing it before Twitter noticed the error and fixed the problem.

Although they didn’t really do it, Accept can still claim they took on Twitter and they won.


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