Aerosmith to replace Tyler

It appears the members of Aerosmith have had enough and they are now looking to replace Steven Tyler with “somebody who the fans might recognize.”

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Joe Perry was asked about the status of Aerosmith and he responded:

Right now, we’re talking about getting another singer to fill in for Steven. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but as far as Aerosmith goes, we’re going to find somebody to sing.

Asking if it will be a known name or an unknown sound alike, likely from a tribute band, Perry said:

I think it would make more sense, with a band like Aerosmith, to get somebody who the fans might recognize. There’s no sense going out there and being an Aerosmith clone band. In order for both parties to get something out of this, to move things along musically, it’s important to get somebody who’s a legitimate headliner on their own.

Although Aerosmith have their obvious differences, I think a new singer would spell the end of Aerosmith. No-one will come in and give the same vocal performance as Tyler to the songs, the same stage performance at shows and Aerosmith, would become a cover band of their own material.

If they are able to find someone capable of replacing him then I look forward to hearing the sound and see where this takes the band but this, to me, calls the end for one of the biggest bands in history.


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