Album recommendation: Dirty Sweet – …Of Monarchs and Beggars

Dirty Sweet – R30;Of Monarchs and Beggars
Seedling Records, 2007

Dirty Sweet started as a group in the fall of 2003 and with their bluesy retro-rock, they got some good reviews from the British magazine NME & in 2005 Dirty Sweet won the San Diego Music Award in the category “Best Rock” a feat they achieved once again in 2007, but this time they also won the “Best Rock Album”

Dirty Sweet’s “…Of Monarchs and Beggars” is full of warmly fuzzed guitars, tasty pentatonic hooks and memorable choruses.

Track List:

  1. Baby Come Home
  2. Delilah
  3. Come Again
  4. Goldensole
  5. Long Line Down
  6. Born to Bleed
  7. Sixteen
  8. Marv’s Ruin
  9. Isabel
  10. Red River

Ryan Koontz (Vocals); Nathan Beale (Guitar, Vocals); Shaun Cornell (Bass, Keys, Vocals); Chris Mendez-Vanacore (Drums, Vocals); Mark Murino (Guitar)

Top 3 songs : Come Again, Baby Come Home & Born To Bleed.

But do not get fooled, this is a great album with no bad songs.
Check It Out!!

“…Of Monarchs and Beggars is the work of a bunch of young musicians who appreciate the Allman Brothers Band and Led Zeppelin alongside Death Cab for Cutie, and it’s a highly enjoyable listen for anyone with a tolerance for the long version of “Free Bird.” ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

“You want some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, sounding sweet and dirty? Up front guitars and all that? A bit like a cross of Aerosmith, The Free and early seventies Rolling Stones? San Diego rock band Dirty Sweet is just that and a bit more.” ~ Here Comes The Flood – Weblog.

Baby Come Home

Born To Bleed (Live)

To give you a hint of the band members musical inspiration – Their favourite albums:

Album: “Led Zeppelin” (1969)
Chosen by: Drummer Chris Mendez-Vanacore
Reason: “I was going to say Radiohead’s ‘The Bends,’ which I listen to more than any other record. But the first Led Zeppelin album just gets me fired up.”

Album: “Revolver” (1966)
Chosen by: Bassist Shaun Cornell
Reason: “The whole album as a piece. The Beatles have always been one of those bands I’ve been consistently amazed by.”

Album: “Terry Reid” (1969)
Chosen by: Lead singer Ryan Koontz
Reason: “It has a song on it, ‘July,’ that we’ve covered. He’s an amazing singer, so soulful.”

Album: “Five Guys Walk Into a Bar” (2004)
Chosen by: Guitarist Mark Murino
Reason: “Rod Stewart is one of my favorite singers. The problem is The Faces never made one great album, so this compilation is your best bet.”

Album: “Songs for Beginners” (1972)
Chosen by: Guitarist Nate Beale
Reason: “I would also pick every Bob Dylan up until – I can’t even answer that question.”

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