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Yes summer may be coming to an end and yes you may be one those individuals who are counting down the months till the season is upon us once again but until then I have a remedy for your blues; the debut album from American rock band American Bang. The bands self-titled debut album captures the bands southern rock roots but has a soulful lick to make it stand out amongst the pack and for me makes the perfect summer anthem.

Working with legendary musician/engineer/mixer/producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) the band certainly had an advantage from the beginning. When I had the chance to submit some questions to the band in June they spoke about his impact on the album: “It was really an amazing experience working with Bob. He really helped take a really big bunch of songs that we had and break it down into a smaller group to form a cohesive record. He’s great with detail in the area of guitar tones and the song structures as well.”

American Bang ArtworkOpening with the song ‘Whiskey Walk’ and avoiding the usual instrumental intro, American Bang plug their guitars in and make sure their ready to jam before kicking into the song. ‘Whiskey Walk’ is a perfect mix of southern rock fused with stoner rock and the bands own grit which takes control on the verses before opening up on the chorus.

‘Wild And Young’ will instantly give you a Kings Of Leon vibe due to Jaren Johnston’s voice but this is the type of song that Kings Of Leon will be looking to now emulate as American Bang look to steal their limelight in the US. ‘Wild And Young’ is certain to become the anthem of the summer that is if it hasn’t already controlled the US airwaves for the past few months. Creating a fun melodic and anthemic tune you are now introduced to two of three musical sides of American Bang.

Skip forward to track four and you’re introduced to the acoustically driven ‘Angels’, the “stonesy type ballad” as the band stated to me in an interview that completes their music.

Fans of Steriogram or in general anyone who can remember the Apple iPod Colour television adverts from 2004 will remember the guitar from ‘Walkie Talkie Man’ which makes an appearance at stages in ‘Hurts Like Hell’, first noticeable only 14 seconds into the song and it only makes a few appearances as the band strike another powerful chord with this song.

‘American Bang’ is a debut not like many others due to the fact there are not many other artists who could put an album like this together as a debut release. These southern rockers have found a way to perfectly balance their roots with an injection of blues, grunge, stoner and pop influences to make an exciting and fresh album that will pick anyone off their feet. American Bang’s debut album will always feel like a summer album and even if the darkest and wettest of days, if you fire this one and listen to the sexy, soulful and hell of a catchy songs that complete this 11-track album then you will instantly feel perked up, want to fire up that barbeque and open up some cold beers and party on to the end of the night.

The biggest step for the band now are taking the songs from the album and performing to a similar quality live. There is a similarity to the Kings Of Leon in their music and we all know that the Kings Of Leon are selling out arenas here in the UK with the fan base to certainly fill a stadium or two. American Bang have the songs which could, if performed well live, see them following in their footsteps once their fan base grows and working off the Kings Of Leon base, they could steal fans worldwide and soon make a real bang.

Rating – 9


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