Album Review: Eyes On Fire – Anger To Ashes

EspyRock always takes pride when introducing you to talented bands who are relatively unknown but have a sound which could easily make a big impact. Eyes On Fire are just one of those bands.

Formed in 2008 when guitarist Shane Lanning joined friend and guitarist Eric Abner came together, they teamed up with drummer Jason Dinwiddie and vocalist Sahar Montalvo. The line-up was rounded off when bassist Brian McClesky joined the ranks to complete Eyes On Fire.

“We write and play the music we feel and that we’re proud to perform,” explains guitarist Shane Lanning, “the type of music that people like us want to listen to. Trying to keep up with a trend or limiting your sound to the boundaries of a specific genre – that’s when you’ll lose natural creativity. We just try to have a killer time doing what we love to do.”

Eyes On Fire Anger To Ashes ArtworkThe debut album from this five piece, ‘Anger To Ashes’, showcases the bands natural ability over eight powerful driven songs. The band state that their key influences come from bands such as Bullet For My Valentine, In Flames and Killswitch Engage with Bullet being the main influence to their sound but the strength, brutality and power of Killswitch and In Flames comes through to give Eyes On Fire a stronger overall sound.

Anger To Ashes’ doesn’t really offer anything new to the metal genre but that’s not saying it’s a bad album, hell far from it, when you first listen to this album through, you will be surprised as to the talent of this five piece.

From the heavy opening track, ‘Set The World On Fire’, you are introduced to not only the tone for the album but the heavy prowess of the band as they look to tear the world a new one and destroy the human race. ‘The Outcome Is Murder’ starts off with a piano, almost 1940’s advertisement style sound, before firing into an infectious metal groove with a great mixture of vocals.

The opening tone of ‘Riddle’ is just perfect with thick heavy notes and a luring drum beat just pulling you along before the band strike. The opening to the song will have you ready for a much heavier and in your face track from what it really is though. The song is still strong but comparing the opening to the rest of the song, they do feel somewhat apart and could have been better utilised on a balls out throat destroyer.

The opening three songs set the path for the album and you know what to expect from this band who, if they continue on the same path, could be a band to look for in the future. They mix elements of their sound very well and don’t mess around when striking punches. What you see is what you get with Eyes On Fire, they are a metal band who don’t have to rely on ballad styling’s to inject emotion and depth into their music, it comes natural and they could be a band to watch out for after performing with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and 10 Years.

Rating – 8


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