Album Review: Spiridion – A Moment Of Clarity

If there was any more proof needed that Tool are one of the most influential bands on the planet, five piece Newport rockers Spiridion are set to explode onto the alternative metal scene with ‘A Moment Of Clarity’. An album with the same raw alternative grunge sound of Tool’s early material, but with their own modern sound injected in heavy amounts, making this album not one to miss for fans of the genre.

Spiridion A Moment Of Clarity Artwork‘A Moment Of Clarity’  opens with ‘Thirty Eight and Gone’, the longest track on the album and clocking in at over six minutes. The song pretty much gives you a preview of what you will be hearing the rest of the album; crushing bass lines, a wide vocal range and fantastic guitar riffs. Fortunately throughout the album the band mix up these formula’s enough to keep the album feeling fresh right up until the last track.

In fact, just as I thought their sound was beginning to wear out its welcome, I heard ‘Pareidolia’ and I was sucked right back in. Entirely instrumental and an exhausting climax, It’s a fantastic example of what the Welsh rockers can do. Man of the match award I think goes to the bands vocalist, Ross Cocker.  His vocal range is huge, from haunting whispers to mammoth screams and definitely helps add to the atmosphere of the album.

A solid entry into the alternative metal genre.

Rating – 7


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