Album Review: Throne of Katarsis – Ved Graven

Armed to the teeth with spiked gauntlets, firebrands and an unhealthy daubing of corpse-paint, Throne of Katarsis are as staunchly and unashamedly black metal as a band is ever likely to be. Pulling absolutely zero punches, Ved Graven is a primal ritual that reaches deep in to your chest and drags out a pestilence-ridden, maggot-infested soul ripe for sacrifice at the black metal altar.

Influenced heavily by black metal stalwarts such as Emperor’s Wrath of the Tyrant and Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, as well as later era bands such as 1349 and Tsjuder, Throne of Katarsis do not fall far from the Nordic tree. Shedding the punk vibe that has preoccupied Darkthrone, Watain and Beherit in favour of a thrash-based requiem, the funereal trudge of ‘Av Dypets Kulde’ and ‘Apne Alle Sar’, are future genre classics, while the dual demonic hyperblast of ‘Profetens Siste Handring’ and ‘Mesterens Tilbakekomst’ deliver a furious payload of aural napalm.

Ved Graven is a lethal black metal record that, despite not contributing any great originality during its fifty minutes, revitalises a genre that has often impressed at its experimental fringes, yet struggled to consistently retain an archetypal core in the way that thrash and death metal have. Having expanded their line up from a duo to a quartet, Throne of Katarsis have hopefully signalled their intention to replicate their exemplary studio work in front of a live audience – a prospect that is both daunting and thrilling in equal measure. Regardless, Throne of Katarsis is a name that will be buzzing across the metal underground for some time to come.


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