Alice in Chains album stream & illegal downloading

If you head on over to right now, you will be able to enjoy streams from the full album which is due out in stores tomorrow!

Recently in an interview (video at the foot of the post) with Q1010 radio station, Alice in Chains Drummer made a unique comparison to having the bands album illegally downloaded.

With the band not creating an album in 14 years, Sean Kinney stated that:

It’s like going to prison; you know you’re gonna get raped, but you’re not ready for it. You think you’re all prepared for it, but you’re not really prepared for how violent that rape is. It’s like, wow! He’s really giving it to me.

Of course the band will be feel robbed, tad violated but I would imagine with the band that Alice in Chains is, (if DuVall can really fill Staley’s position) that they will still see massive success with their first album in 14 years and avoid violent rape.


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