Allegaeon release lyric video for A Cosmic Question

Allegaeon have released their brand new music video for the single ‘A Cosmic Question…’ which features on their upcoming album ‘Fragments Of Form And Function’.

Speaking to Revolver, frontman Ezra Haynes was asked about the songs meaning and the writing process.

REVOLVER What’s this song about?
EZRA HAYNES The idea behind “A Cosmic Question…” is whether if it’s religiously based or not, it seems that so many types of people in the past, present, and, I’m sure, the future have resorted to the stars for their answers and, or beliefs. There are so many theories out there on how life was created whether if it has to do with a God, extraterrestrial life, or a foreign object such as an asteroid that could transport water and such molecules to create the building blocks of life. Since I don’t have the answers, instead of making a song with a statement like a lot of bands do, I thought it would super awesome to just ask questions the whole time.

Which part of it did you come up with first?
Actually, I came up with the title first and just ran with it. The inspiration came from just hanging out with some buddies, having sweet conversations that consist a lot of “What if?” questions.

Was this an easy song to write?
The lyrics we’re relativity easy to write. I have so many questions that they pretty much just flew out. The recording process sucked a little for me that night. It was the last day of recording and I just got off work to head down to the studio to finish the last two vocal tracks, which were “A Cosmic Question…” and “Across the Folded Line.” It was snowing, and, on my way to Denver, I wrecked my truck on the interstate but I still managed to make it to the studio…barely.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
So far it’s been really good. I’d say it’s one of the catchier tunes on the album. The tune has really only been exposed to people around us as of now. The record is still so new it’ll be interesting to hear the feedback after it’s released to the general public.

Colin Marks did your cover art, which is featured in the video. What kind of guidance did you give him? How does the artwork reflect the album’s lyrics?
We wanted the artwork to have that junkyard post-apocalyptic feel which would tie into this idea Greg [Burgess, guitar] and I had where we have a song related to a extreme disaster on every record. On our 2008 [self-titled] EP we have “Nex of Terra,” and for this record we have “The Cleansing,” and its polar opposite “The Renewal.” Ryan [Glisan, guitar] had the idea of a man scavenging through the wreckage searching for parts to keep himself alive or “Functioning” rather. That would touch base on songs like “Biomech” which has to do with stem-cell research and so on. The general idea would be using technological advances to keep on truckin’. That and Ryan has an obsession with living forever! [Laughs]


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