Alter Bridge to release AB III in the US in November

Alter Bridge fans had been patiently awaiting the announcement that ‘AB III’ will be released on 12th October, one day after the UK release which is usually standard practice but the news has just struck that fans in the US will need to wait just that little bit longer to hear the epic third studio album from the band (yes I have heard it and yes it’s epic). The band is expected to now release the album in the US during November but still no exact date had been set.

Michael Tremonti, Marks brother, who deals directly with the bands fans has posted this update:

What’s up everyone,

I just wanted all of you to know that Mark is currently in London and will also be in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands this week doing an ungodly amount of press for AB III. Roadrunner has been amazing in setting up more press in one week than was done in the entire Blackbird album cycle. Yes, Roadrunner is just that damn cool.

When Myles was in Chicago, last week, I taped a bunch of interviews to be serviced overseas so he will be represented as well. Brian and Flip are taking a vacation but are also doing phone interviews for overseas.

I wish I had news on the North American front but nothing has surfaced yet. As I think most of you already know, AB III will have to be released later in the USA than the rest of the world. That was not the way it was planned but that is the reality and our side, unfortunately, has no control over how quick things are done by the other parties involved. If it was up to us, things would have been finished months ago and AB III would be coming out everywhere at the same time.

Please know that I will update all of you as soon as I hear anything about the USA. My best guess is that it is looking like AB III will be out in early November in the USA, if things get settled soon. And things WILL be settled. It is just a matter of time.

Peace out,


Alter Bridge AB 3 Artwork


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