Anberlin to enter the studio in January

During an interview with EspyRock, Anberlin lead vocalist Stephen Christian has stated that with the work well under way on their brand new album that they could enter the studio in January to record their sixth studio album and the follow up to the 2010 release ‘Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place’.

EspyRock: Now you’re already in the process of writing for the new album, the one song title that you mentioned is ‘Control’ which is influenced by the events in Egypt. What was it about those events that made you want to write the song?

Stephen Christian: Oh man I feel like that is just one of those things in life that you don’t think you will ever experience in your lifetime. Hundreds of countries around the world have had revolutionary wars but I’ve never seen one happen right in front of me. It was the fact that it was a revolution but a peaceful revolution is unbelievable. Something I think the rest of the world should marvel at and just try. I think the UK should have a revolution and I’m not talking just about politics but it could be a revolution against illiteracy or homelessness or stuff like that. So I feel the world should look to Egypt as a role model with the thought that they can do that there and revolutionise the whole political system without one bullet then we can do that too.

EspyRock: So how is the rest of the material coming along?

Stephen Christian: Good, I think we might be ready to enter the studio in January but we’ll see. I don’t want to give too much away just yet.

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