Anberlin to re-release New Surrender

Alternative rockers Anberlin will re-release their fourth studio album New Surrender on December 15th.

The album, originally released 10th September 2008, will now feature an extra 6 b-side songs on top of the 12 standard album tracks.

The original release of the album came with a mass of exclusive versions depending on where you purchased it from.

Walmart, iTunes, Rhapsody, Best Buy, Newbury Comics all received exclusive songs and it didn’t stop here with the UK release, USB stick version and the vinyl also with exclusive versions.

Deluxe version track listing:

  1. The Resistance
  2. Breaking
  3. Blame Me! Blame Me!
  4. Retrace
  5. Feel Good Drag
  6. Disappear
  7. Breathe
  8. Burn Out Brighter
  9. Younglife
  10. Haight St
  11. Soft Skeletons
  12. Miserable Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)
  13. Mother (B-Side)
  14. Heavier Things Remain (B-Side)
  15. True Faith (B-Side)
  16. Said And Done (B-Side)
  17. A Perfect Tourniquet (B-Side)
  18. Feel Good Drag (Acoustic) (B-Side)

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