Anberlin vocalist writes and records songs to Mogwai music

During an interview with EspyRock, I asked Anberlin lead vocalist Stephen Christian about his love for our very own Glaswegian rockers Mogwai to which Stephen stated how he was a massive fan. He went on to state that he has even wrote songs and recorded them over Mogwai’s music.

EspyRock: I know one band that you are a fan of and they come from Glasgow which is Mogwai.

Stephen Christian: Oh yeah, I’m a massive Mogwai fan! Aw dude. I don’t know who but when we were in Glasgow last time, on the guest list was Mogwai plus two so we didn’t know if they were at our show, we didn’t know if it was the tour manager or the guys from the band but I flipped my lid! I was like ‘I have to meet them, can they make it in’ [laughs] but yeah I’m a massive Mogwai fan. I’ve even done it were, because you know they are mostly instrumental, just for me I could never put it out, but I’ve recorded songs I’ve written over their music you know like I’ve sang over their music with choruses and stuff like that because I thought how cool would that be to team up with an instrumental band but I’m a huge, no, massive Mogwai fan.

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