ANIMA release new song

Germanys Deathcore band ANIMA has released a song from their upcoming album Enter The Killzone.

“From the beginning every member of the band knew that the outcome should be different this time, totally different! After one year of hard work twelve songs were ready, outshining everything on „The Daily Grind“. These songs will lift ANIMA to a new level!”

Listen to the bands new song Welcome To Our Killzone on MySpace now.

Enter The Killzone will be released March 1st via Metal Blade Records with the track listing and artwork available below:

ANIMA - Enter The Killzone Artwork

Enter The Killzone Artwork

  1. Intro
  2. Incarceration
  3. Loner´s Reflection
  4. Cu(n)t & Twist
  5. The Man Eater
  6. Carnage Provoked
  7. Black Night
  8. The Omnipotent Torture King
  9. Welcome To Our Killzone
  10. Necromantica
  11. I Am Sick I Want To Kill
  12. XXXIII

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