ANTERIOR introduce new drummer

ANTERIOR have announced their new drummer is JAMES COOK. After debuting for them in December 2009 he joins the band busy writing their long awaited follow up to 2007’s ‘This Age Of Silence’, which they are looking to record soon.

“Hey sexy people,

After a long time searching we have finally found a new drummer. If any of you saw us play in December the fine gentlemen behind the kit will now be joining the band full time. We would like to welcome JAMES COOK into the band and are very excited to see what he adds to the fold. He did a great job on our December tour with only a few rehearsals before hand. He is a great guy and an exceptional musician.

On this note we are still writing for the album and cannot wait to see what James can add to the new material. We will be going into the studio in a few months time to record our second album to be released later this year on Metal Blade records.

Thank you all for your love and support, we hope to see you on the road very soon. Keep checking back for updates.



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