Armored Saint release single and artwork

Armored Saint has released the first single from their upcoming album La Raza, which is the band’s first album since 2001.

The album’s foundation was laid back in 2008 when Joey Vera and John Bush began writing new material for what would become  La Raza and the album was completed in December at Tranzformer Studios in Burbank, CA. The album was produced by bassist Joey Vera, and engineered by Bryan Carlstrom and his assistant John Nuss. Recording was mostly done with analog equipment and the final album mix was delivered on 1 inch tape.

La Raza will be released March 15th and you can listen to the band’s first single Left Hook From Right Field on MySpace now.

Armored Saint - La Raza Artwork

La Raza Artwork

  1. Loose Cannon
  2. Head On
  3. Left Hook from Right Field
  4. Get Off the Fence
  5. Chilled
  6. La Raza
  7. Black Feet
  8. Little Monkey
  9. Blues
  10. Bandit Country

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