Asking Alexandria state they are not breaking up after problems with vocalist Danny

Eight hours ago Asking Alexandria left a series of posts on their Facebook apologising to their fans in Seattle after problems with vocalist Danny Worsnop. From fan comments and the official comments made by Danny, it appears he turned up to perform either drunk or under the influence of drugs or both.

The band commented:

We are so sorry Seattle. We will make this right. Once Danny wakes up from his nightmare that was tonight, he will face the music. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us through all of it and joined us on stage to keep the spirit alive. Forgive us Seattle. We will make this right.

We are NOT breaking up and we are all still 5 united brothers in this together. Tomorrow Danny will speak for himself to all of you about what happened tonight in Seattle. We love you guys, you are the best fans in the world!

Danny later commented:

I’m sorry Seattle! Tonight wasn’t right. I’ll be back making it up to you. I’m a fucking idiot. I should never blame my actions on my relapses but tonight made me realize I have a problem. I for the first time in my life want to fix myself. I now know what regret is! I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve relied on drugs and drinking to feel alive. I can’t do that anymore. Tonight was evidence it’s not me. I can’t do it anymore. I love you all and I’m so sorry I’ve let you all down. Hopefully I grow to have some sort of compassion to myself. I live for self-destruction and that’s wrong. Nothing changes when you’re killing yourself with poison.

I love you all and I hope you can forgive me. I am officially quitting drugs and drinking, here and now. I want to clean up and sort my fucking life out. I’ll never stop hating myself until I stop killing myself.


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2 Responses to “Asking Alexandria state they are not breaking up after problems with vocalist Danny”

  1. Danny,
    I’ve been following you guys before you released stand up and scream, i’m still into you more than most of the other people I know. It’s a relief to hear you guys are staying together and from my perspective one of the best things. I really can’t wait to see you guys it will be my first time ever seeing you, cheers.

  2. and yes I know this is waaaaay delayed. but still.