Avenged Sevenfold to take a break after current touring cycle

Avenged Sevenfold have stated that they will take a break after their current touring cycle for around six to seven months but they cannot state if they will write during that period or not so the break could extend much further. They do however plan to return to Europe in February 2012 and possibly perform at some of the summer festivals so fans may not hear new material until 2013.

“We’ve always taken a long time (between albums), and everyone’s told us we’re stupid for doing that,” Shadows tells Billboard.com. “But I think bands burn themselves out. Look what happened to Disturbed; those are good friends of ours, and you just get caught up in the do a record, tour for two years, do a record, tour for two years…We’re very cautious of making sure that everybody has their time. We need to go home…and make sure everybody’s mentally in the right spot to do a new record.”


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