Babylon Bombs drummer breaks back

Babylon Bombs have made an announcement regarding the sad news that their drummer has broken his back and is currently in hospital waiting further surgery.

The release from the band:

Hey everybody!

We just wanted to make an official statement and apology for the great fans in Lichtenfels.
The evening started out great with awesome bands like Baby Jane, Starrats and The Fright.

We hit the stage a little late because of backline troubles but we hit the stage hard and the audience we’re great. But only after three songs Swaint fell off the drumriser and stage landing 2 meters below on concrete floor resulting in breaking his back.

We’re so sorry for this, it’s noones fault. This things just happens sometimes. We cancelled the show right away. Swaint was in great pain and almost died right on the spot there.
The ambulance came quickly and brought him to the hospital for surgery.

The band have been by his side at all times. But we hade to leave for home and Swaint is still on the hospital awaiting further surgery.

For now the future is unclear, but the doctors says that he will be able to play drums when he been rehabilitated. We don’t know if thats a month or a year. He’s a fighter so hopefully he will be back behind the drums soon!

A sidenote is that we have to cancel Rock the night fest.
But we’re still gonna make the Sk√∂vde gig with a replacementdrummer.

A big thanx to Sebastian(DJ HiJinxx) and his family for helping us out and being a best friend in the toughest of times.
Also to the other bands that helped us get our gear together.

We wish him all the best and hope that he makes a speedy recovery.


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